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Oregon Driver's License Practice Test 2

Take our FREE OR Driver's License Practice Test now! It's an online quiz with 25 unique questions, in-depth explanations, and instant test results. Be totally prepared for the Oregon DMV Driver's License test in no time!
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Oregon Drivers License Practice Test Description

If you want to get your Oregon drivers license, you need to pass the driver's license exam at your local Oregon DMV. With our DMV practice test, you will be able to develop the knowledge and confidence needed to pass the Oregon drivers license test.

Our DMV Practice Test Can Help You Prepare

We make it simple to ace your driver's license exam. To be sure you succeed the first time, our OR DMV practice test is meant to properly prepare you for the Oregon drivers license test and show you what to expect.

Get familiar with the most common DMV exam questions by taking a OR DMV practice test before applying for your Oregon drivers license. This practice test consists of multiple-choice questions, which is the same format as the actual test. We know what works. Our practice test was created by experienced instructors who have helped thousands of students prepare for and pass their DMV exam. The practice test covers road signs, traffic laws and driving rules, and there is an on-the-road section as well. Check out the Oregon drivers license practice test description and you will see that our OR DMV practice test is a great way to verify your knowledge of important rules of the road.

Our DMV practice test provides unlimited access, so you can take it multiple times until you feel confident in your knowledge. Every time you try, the questions get shuffled to make sure no tests are the same, and you will get helpful hints whenever you are in doubt. It is recommended that you get the Oregon Driver Manual. This handbook contains new stats, tips and much more to help you prepare for the test. You'll find that most of the information you'll need to know is contained within this manual. Also remember to check out the latest posts on our Daily Driver Blog to stay current on new laws and driving safety. In fact, you can access the practice test right now. You?ll be very glad you made the effort to prepare.


A red colored sign signifies what type of sign?
  • Work zone.
  • Prohibitive regulatory.
  • Road work.
  • Guidance.
How should you treat a traffic signal that is not displaying anything (if the power is out, for example)?
  • As a stop sign in all directions.
  • As a stop sign for the cross street that is least busy.
  • Ignore it.
  • As a flashing yellow light.
  • Stop and wait for a police officer to direct traffic.
If there is no stop line at a railroad crossing, you should stop at least ____ ft. from the nearest rail.
  • 35
  • 30
  • 15
  • 50
  • 100
In Oregon, you must not stand, stop, or park your vehicle on railroad tracks or within:
  • 5 feet
  • 7.5 feet
  • 12.5 feet
  • 15 feet
  • 20 feet
Route signs show you which route you are on and if the road is _______.
  • An interstate.
  • A highway.
  • U.S. route.
  • State highway.
  • All of the listed answers.