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What driver’s education is required?

Before applying for a Restricted Minor’s Permit, you must complete a state-approved driver’s education program, which includes the following:

• Classroom training focusing on defensive driving, alcohol safety, drug abuse awareness and motorcycle awareness.

• In-car training sessions will include actual time behind the wheel and periods of observation.

Driver’s education courses are offered through public and private school programs. The Certificate of Completion must be signed by a parent or legal guardian if you are under 18.

What tests must I pass?
The State of South Dakota requires drivers to pass the following tests:

Written Knowledge Test
• The written knowledge test consists of questions about the basic rules of the road and how to safely operate a motor vehicle. You must correctly at least 20 of the 25 questions in order to pass the test.

Vision Test
• You must be able to pass the vision test with an acuity of at least 20/40 with both eyes, but no worse than 20/50 in either eye. If your acuity is less than 20/40 in both eyes, with or without using corrective lenses, you will be referred to an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist who must complete a Vision Statement.

Driving Test
• The driver license examiner will be checking to make sure the vehicle has current registration and liability insurance. You will be asked to perform the following driving maneuvers:

1. Perform safe left and right hand turns
2. Perform a three-point turn
3. Proper signaling when changing lanes and parking
4. Lane usage, right-of-way, intersection approach and overall vehicle control
5. Backing of vehicle and making quick stops
6. Parallel parking

• You must score at least 80 points out of 100 in order to pass the test. Pets or passengers are not allowed in the vehicle during the test.