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What tests must I pass?

The State of Texas requires drivers to pass the following tests:

The Knowledge Test
• The written knowledge tests consists of multiple-choice questions about Texas traffic laws and highway signs. You must correctly answer 21 out of 30 questions in order to pass the test.

The Vision Test
• You must be able to pass the vision test with a visual acuity of 20/50 in the better without using corrective lenses for an unrestricted license. The standard visual field must be 140 degrees with both eyes open during the test. If your corrected vision is between 20/50 and 20/70, you may be issued a license with restrictions.

The Driving Skills Test
• During the driving skills test, you will be graded on four basic skills:

1. Control
2. Observation
3. Positioning
4. Signaling

• You will be tested on the following:

1. Parallel parking
2. Quick stop
3. Backing up
4. Recognizing stop sign and traffic signals
5. Use of clutch
6. Observance of intersections
7. Turns
8. Observance of right-of-way
9. Passing
10. Observance of proper lanes
11. Following
12. Posture

You must have a minimum score of 70 in order to pass the test.