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Texas Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

Earn your Motorcycle License with ease! Our FREE TX Motorcycle Practice Test offers realistic questions designed to help you be completely prepared, and pass the Texas DPS test with ease.
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If you want your Texas motorcycle permit, you'll first need to pass the motorcycle permit test. You can identify gaps in your knowledge by taking motorcycle permit practice tests.

Texas Motorcycle Permit

Even if you drive a car, the motorcycle permit test can be tough. There are 25 questions, and you must get a score of 80 or better to obtain a permit. Questions will require you to apply what you know about signals, passengers, handling and safety. Of course, you will want to study your Texas DPS motorcycle manual, which can be downloaded for free. At first it may seem difficult to determine which information is most important. A free motorcycle permit practice test is designed to help you overcome any obstacles. Taking practice tests can shape your thinking and identify any problem areas that you need to address. Practice tests are designed specifically for the Texas motorcycle exam, and the format is the same as the real DPS test. There are 12 multiple choice questions which you can answer. You can even go back and change an answer. At the end, you'll find a complete guide to the answers as well as your score. Simple explanations will help you understand the intent of motorcycle rules and regulations in Texas. As you study, you can focus on the questions you missed. Then you can take the test again to see if your score is improving.

The practice test focuses on the same areas as the real test. Safety questions may focus on when to wear protective gear or the function of protective gear. Handling questions may focus on how to handle the bike safely on curves or in sudden stops. Passenger questions may focus on what equipment passengers need or how a passenger should help when riding with you. Signal questions may focus on when to use your signal or how to utilize your brake lights. The practice test should help you focus your thoughts as your prepare for the motorcycle permit test.