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Alaska Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2

Are you ready for your DMV Motorcycle Test? Find out NOW by taking our FREE AK Motorcycle Practice Test online. We offer 25 original, multiple choice questions formed directly from the information in your own Alaska manual.
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Alaska Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

Hit the wide-open roads of The Last Frontier when you pass your Alaska motorcycle permit exam with our FREE AK motorcycle practice test! Designed specifically for Alaska motorcycle riders, this practice exam includes state-specific questions directly from the AK DMV’s motorcycle handbook to help you ace your test on the first try.

You’ll get 25 multiple-choice questions that replicate the structure of the real test—because you can’t be too overprepared! Real-time feedback tracks your progress and flags any questions you miss, and each answer includes a detailed explanation so you know what the actual DMV law is for that topic. You’ll get a list of questions at the end showing what you answered incorrectly so that you can zone in on the exact topics to review further before your actual test. And since our Alaska motorcycle practice test is completely free, you can take it as many times as you need to feel confident and fully prepared to ace your motorcycle permit exam.

Alaska Motorcycle Permit Practice Test FAQs:

What questions are on the Alaska motorcycle permit test?

The Alaska permit exam will cover everything from the required safety equipment you must wear while riding to the rules to sharing a road with other vehicles. Make sure you know Alaska’s speed limits, traffic signs and signals, pavement markings, and more.

What’s the difference between a motorcycle permit test and a regular permit test?

A motorcycle permit exam is an additional knowledge test required to earn a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license. It will ask questions specific to becoming a motorcycle rider, while the regular permit test (required for all Alaska drivers) pertains to general rules of the road for all vehicle types.

How do I earn my Alaska motorcycle license?

To earn your Alaska motorcycle license, you must be at least 16 years old and first pass a written motorcycle permit knowledge test. Then you’re required to complete either a road test on your motorcycle or a state-approved motorcycle safety course, which will waive the DMV road test.


A motorcycle needs ____ care than regular cars.
  • More.
  • Less.
  • About the same.
  • Greatly less.
All the following are correct steps in overcoming a "wobble" EXCEPT:
  • Grip the handlebars firmly.
  • Close the throttle gradually.
  • Apply the brakes.
  • Pull off the road as soon as possible
As a motorcyclist you need to be able to _______.
  • Judge the distances of the cars ahead, behind and aside you.
  • Judge how fast you are riding.
  • Maintain a good sense of balance.
  • All of the listed answers.
During the on-cycle test, you will be tested on your ability to ______.
  • Adjust speed and position to changes in traffic and riding conditions.
  • Weave through traffic quickly during traffic jams.
  • Do impressive tricks while driving.
  • Stay ahead of other vehicles.
If your throttle gets stuck and doesn't fix with a few twists, what should you do?
  • Cut off the engine and pull in the clutch simultaneously.
  • Leave the engine on and pull in the clutch.
  • Cut off the engine.
  • Leave the engine switch and clutch alone and simply brake.