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Alaska Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 5

Our FREE AK Motorcycle Practice Test is made up of 25 comprehensive, multiple choice questions.
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Alaska Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Description

Alaska state authorities administer a written test and riding skills exam if you desire to operate a motorcycle in the state. Studying our motorcycle permit test questions will help you pass.

Alaska Motorcycle Permit Test Questions Made Easier

If you have the desire to operate a motorcycle in the state of Alaska, you may already know that you'll need to pass a few tests before you can obtain a valid motorcycle license. The three tests include a vision test, written exam and motorcycle riding skills test. To help you prepare for the written exam, we provide motorcycle related written practice tests. For your convenience, they have been designed to replicate questions that are included on the motorcycle permit test. If you study these and learn about safely riding your motorcycle, you should have an easier time taking the real test.

Unfortunately, the motorcycle permit test must be taken without any guides or reference material. You can learn the information beforehand by studying the Alaska Motorcycle Operator Manual. Inside this detailed handbook, you will find information that relates to topics such as being in shape, flying objects, struck throttles, engine seizures, handling dangerous situations, group riding and much more. The main goal of this information is to make you more aware of the rules of the road and help you become a safe and confident motorcycle rider.

The motorcycle permit practice tests that you will find on our website have been randomized and formulated into multiple-choice questions. This simulates the actual test and should help you get a feel for the situation you will experience on your actual test day. Questions could be related to topics ranging from railroad tracks and uneven surfaces to downshifting and helmet selection. To pass, you must correctly score an 80 percent or higher. You should be able to do that if you take the time to go through all of the practice tests that we provide. By the way, if you miss a question on any of the tests, the correct answer is quickly provided. You should continue to gain confidence in the material as you study. Once you feel good about your knowledge, schedule a visit to obtain your Alaska motorcycle permit. To get started with your studies, take the traffic signals and road signs test.

Alaska DMV Sample Test Questions

Approximately how wide is each "mini-lane"?
  • 5 ft. wide.
  • 4 ft. wide.
  • 1/3 the size of a regular lane.
  • 3 ft. wide
If your engine seizes while riding, how should you react?
  • Engage hazard lights and drive slowly to the nearest service station.
  • Reduce speed and drive on shoulder.
  • Pull off the road and stop.
  • Reduce speed and text a friend for help.
In order to carry passengers on your motorcycle you must have?
  • Foot pegs.
  • A proper seat.
  • Protective equipment.
  • All of the listed answers.
The only thing that can keep alcohol from affecting your ability to ride is _______.
  • Money.
  • Time.
  • Will power.
  • Water.
What brakes should you use when making a stop?
  • Use the front brakes only.
  • Use the rear brakes only.
  • Use both the front and rear brakes.
  • You don't use brakes to stop a motorcycle.