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Alabama Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 4

Get a sneak peek of the questions you may find on the Alabama Motorcycle Test. Our FREE AL Motorcycle Practice Test has questions just like the ones on the real DPS test. Take out FREE practice test today!
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Get A Jump On Your License with An Alabama Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

If you plan on getting an Alabama motorcycle permit, you may be worried about the written exam. Fortunately, an online motorcycle permit practice test can make the process faster and easier.

Taking The Anxiety out of Getting Your Motorcycle Learner's License

Some motorcycle enthusiasts take one look at the Alabama DPS motorcycle manual and find their excitement dampened by worry. Test-taking is a common anxiety, especially when the stakes are high. Yet, even if you were never a great test-taker in school, you can pass the Alabama motorcycle permit test. It just takes a bit of studying and commitment. It's easier to persevere when you can see your progress, which is why there are five Alabama motorcycle practice tests. These practice quizzes serve as a guide to the real exam. They are free to take, and you can take them over and over, gaining confidence and test-taking acumen.

Just like the official DPS motorcycle permit test, the quizzes have a pass/fail rate of 20 out of 25. These 25 multiple-choice questions and answers are written to reflect the subject matter and style of the DPS version. You'll encounter questions that test your knowledge of protective gear, motorcycle controls and legal issues such as drunk driving. Other questions will address handling, braking, lane position, defensive driving and special requirements for passengers and cargo. If you do not have a standard vehicle driver's license or learner's permit, you will need to take the road signs test. You can prepare for it with our online signs and signals quiz.

By utilizing these free online quizzes, test-takers can become comfortable with the tricky ways that questions and answers can be worded. You'll learn which pitfalls to avoid when tackling a confusing or oddly-worded question as well as how to see the slight difference in an answer that makes it right or wrong for that question. Each answer comes with an explanation and a reference to a specific section in your manual. Studying these references can fill the gaps in your knowledge and better prepare you for the DPS test. For more information about the permit test, check out our Alabama motorcycle permit test FAQs.


Alcohol reaches the brain and begins to affect the driver _______.
  • An hour after the first drink.
  • Only if more drinks are consumed than hours passed.
  • An hour after 2 drinks are consumed.
  • Within minutes after consumption.
Having too much to drink can definitely hinder someone's ability to operate a motor vehicle. What are the best steps to stop an intoxicated friend from getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.?
  • Use peer pressure to make sure that the friend knows it isn't okay to drive.
  • Slow their drinking down. Occupy their mind with something else to keep them from drinking quickly.
  • Arranging alternative transportation or a safe ride home for your friend.
  • Doing anything you can to keep them in the location and away from their motor vehicle.
  • All of the listed answers.
How should you deal with dogs that chase you while operating your motorcycle?
  • Speed up to avoid the dog.
  • Approach the dog slowly, then accelerate as you pass it to leave it behind.
  • Kick the dog away from you.
  • Weave on the road to avoid the dog at your normal speed.
  • Completely stop and wait for the dog to go away.
How will you NOT be judged on your on-motorcycle skill test by your examiner?
  • The speed with which you can finish all the tests.
  • Completing stops in a timely and safe manner.
  • Ability to navigate turns and swerves.
  • Choosing the proper speed to perform the required maneuvers.
  • Selecting the best path and staying within the marked areas and paths.
In all states, an adult with Blood Alcohol Content of 0.8% is above the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle. What determines blood alcohol content?
  • The amount of total alcohol that you consume.
  • The speed with which you consume the alcohol.
  • How much your body weight is.
  • All of the listed answers.