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Alabama Permit Practice Test 4

Want to know what questions will be on the DPS Permit Test? Our AL Permit Practice Test is FREE, and has questions just like the ones on the real DPS test. Take this practice test now and get prepared.
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Alabama Teen Permit Practice Test

Teenagers in Alabama can earn a learners permit at age 15 and a drivers license at age 16. Take free practice tests on this site to prepare for your Alabama Driving Permit.

Preparing for the DPS Permit Test

Alabama has a graduated licensing program for teenagers who are 15 to 18 years old. At age 15, you can get a learners permit by passing a written knowledge exam. At age 16 and after you have held your learners permit for six months, you can get a drivers license when you pass the road skills test. No matter which test you are preparing to take, you will benefit from our free practice tests.

The Alabama Driver Manual contains information on the laws and regulations for drivers in the state of Alabama. Our site provides the latest version of the manual so that you can be sure you are accessing current information. Our practice tests are developed from the material in the manual. We also use a format that is very similar to the actual written knowledge exam so that you become familiar with the test process. Each practice test contains 25 random questions, and there are multiple versions available. You will get the most benefit from these practice tests if you take them multiple times.

When you take an AL Permit Practice test, you will see a wide variety of questions on topics such as traffic laws, driver


A roundabout is a circular intersection that usually does not include a traffic signal.
  • True
  • False
A yellow line in advance of a railroad crossing means no passing.
  • True
  • False
Cutting from one lane to another is expected on the freeway.
  • False
  • True
Diamond interchange is characterized by how many ramps?
  • Four Ramps
  • Two Ramps
  • Five Ramps
  • Three Ramps
Do not do what after passing a large vehicle?
  • Cut In Too Quickly
  • Slam On Your Brakes
  • Drive In The Middle Of The Lane
  • Drive On The Shoulder