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Arkansas Driver's License Practice Test 2

Take our FREE AR Driver's License Practice Test now! It's an online quiz with 25 unique questions, in-depth explanations, and instant test results. Be totally prepared for the Arkansas DMV Driver's License test in no time!
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Arkansas Drivers License Practice Test Description

Are you getting ready to take your Arkansas Drivers License Test? If you are new to AR or renewing an existing license, take our AR DFA Practice Test and make sure to pass it the first time around.

Hot Tips for Passing Your Arkansas Drivers License Test

Whether you are new to the state of Arkansas, renewing your existing driver license or taking your adult test for the first time, spending a little extra time to study the Arkansas Driver License Study Guide and taking a DFA Practice Test will enable you to walk into the DMV test center with confidence and walk out a fully-licensed driver.

Sure, you passed Driver Education in high school. Yes, you are a very good driver, have been for many years and most of it is just common sense. Yet in the unlikely event that you fail to get the 20 correct answers out of 25 questions to qualify for a passing score, you may have to wait a period of time before the Arkansas ODS will allow you to retake the test.

The questions on the test are based on the Arkansas Drivers License Study Guide, which is updated from time to time. Bearing in mind that every question on the test is based on the information in that guide, it really makes sense to read through it and practice the questions to prepare yourself properly for the real thing. If you are from out-of-state, some of the rules of the road may be particular to Arkansas. Reading the study guide will help you find these.

You may be asked anything from what to do in the event of a skid, what the maximum stopping distance when driving at a particular speed is or questions about tractor-trailers. Sometimes, you may be asked to identify the correct answer or answers in a list of possible responses.

Taking a DFA Practice Test is also fun. Some of the questions are very interesting and you may even learn something. Often, the question and answer sets are thought-provoking, and just stopping to think about them can make you a better, safer, driver. That is what the purpose of the entire exercise is all about.

Take one or more of our DFA Practice Tests. Walk into the DMV center with confidence, and walk out with an Arkansas Drivers License.

Arkansas DFA Sample Test Questions

Every driver is affected by alcohol.
  • True
  • False
Failure to sign a citation, if required, may force the officer to conduct _________.
  • A Physical Arrest
  • A Breathalyzer Test
  • A Written Warning
  • No Action
How many feet does a driver need to safely pass?
  • Over 1600 Feet
  • 200 Feet
  • 800 Feet
  • 400 Feet
How much alcohol does the body rid itself of?
  • One (1) Drink Per Hour
  • Zero (0) Drinks Per Hour
  • One (1) Drink Per Minute
  • One (1) Drink Per Day
If you are angry or excited, drive more slowly.
  • False
  • True