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Arkansas Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 3

Take our FREE AR Motorcycle Practice Test today and be fully prepared when you take your DFA Motorcycle Test. Learn what kind of questions to expect, and get your test score right away in addition to detailed explanations.
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Arkansas Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Description

The state of Arkansas requires you to take a written knowledge exam and riding skills test if you want to operate a motorcycle in the state. Study our practice tests to help you pass the written exam.

Motorcycle Permit Test Questions Explained

Whether you choose to ride your motorcycle in Pine Bluff, Little Rock or across Interstate 40, you must obtain a Class M license to be a legal motorcycle operator in the state of Arkansas. The process to do this will take a little time, but at the end of the journey, you will have the ability to legally ride your motorcycle anywhere in the state. The first few steps of obtaining your Arkansas motorcycle permit require you to take two tests that are given by the Arkansas State Police. The first test analyzes your proficiency at riding a motorcycle, and the second test determines how much knowledge you have about topics such as crash avoidance, motorcycle gear, intersections, group riding and other motorcycle related topics. Fortunately, we can assist you with the written section of your tests and make it much easier for you to pass.

In the Arkansas DFA Motorcycle Handbook Manual, you will find explanations, diagrams and information relating to the topics that will be on the written motorcycle permit test. Go through each section in the handbook and build a firm understanding of each topic. Then, you will be ready to move on to our free motorcycle permit practice test questions section.

On test day, you will need to correctly answer at least 80 percent of the motorcycle permit test questions. In order to help you build a strong foundation for your actual written test day, we have gone through topics that are found in the handbook and formulated them into multiple-choice questions. These questions are similar to the ones that you will find on the real Arkansas motorcycle permit test. Be sure to study all of the randomized questions until you feel like you can ace the real exam. You can start with any of the practice tests or the Arkansas road sign practice test. Do your best to understand the information as it will not only help you pass your written exam but guide you long into the future when you are operating your motorcycle.

Arkansas DFA Sample Test Questions

A skid can occur if you _______.
  • Brake too softly.
  • Brake too slowly.
  • Brake too hard.
  • None of the listed answers.
How can you increase your visibility at an intersection?
  • Ride with your headlight on.
  • Make sure that you're in a lane position that provides the best view of oncoming traffic.
  • Provide a space cushion around your motorcycle.
  • All of the listed answers.
How long does it take for alcohol to reach the brain?
  • Within a matter of seconds.
  • Within a matter of minutes.
  • Within a matter of hours.
  • Within a matter of days.
  • Within a matter of weeks.
How should you determine the appropriate tire pressure for your vehicle when carrying cargo or passengers?
  • Check your owner's manual.
  • Look up information for your vehicle type (i.e. car, light truck, SUV).
  • Visually inspect your tires after loading your vehicle.
  • Tire pressure is only important if you're carrying a very heavy load.
If you know of a friend who has had too much to drink, what can you do to try and protect them?
  • Allow them to drive home because they just need to go to bed.
  • Make them walk home because they are too drunk to drive.
  • Help find them a safe ride home.
  • All of the listed answers.