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Arkansas Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 4

Get a sneak peek of the questions you may find on the Arkansas Motorcycle Test. Our FREE AR Motorcycle Practice Test has questions just like the ones on the real DFA test. Take out FREE practice test today!
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You Are One Test Away From Your Arkansas Motorcycle Permit

Your motorcycle permit test allows you to begin learning how to drive a motorcycle with all the knowledge you need to keep you safe. As part of your study regime, our practice tests help you pass.

Our AR Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Can Help You Pass That Test

In many ways, learning to drive a motorcycle is like learning to drive for the first time. This is why if you are an adult driver, you need to pass a new knowledge exam. However, it is different than the one you originally mastered. If you are a teen driver, all of the ideas and concepts may seem foreign to you. In order to pass the test and get your permit, you will find the best way for you to learn the information in your driver's manual. The manual for motorcyclists is different than the one for car drivers. You will want to make sure you pick up the right one or download it here. Once you have the correct manual, it is best to begin by reading all the relevant sections and making sure you understand everything you have read.

With our AR motorcycle permit test, you have the chance to quiz yourself on how much you have learned. You might be worried about taking the practice test too soon. It is never too soon. Our tests are generated randomly each time you take one. This means today's test can be very different from tomorrow's. We created a pool of questions from your driver's manual so it covers subjects that might appear on your actual exam. You will need to know which animal is most attracted to a motorcycle engine (a dog) as well as the times you should keep your headlights on for your safety (always). Each time you do well on our practice tests, you will feel your confidence growing.

This confidence along with your hard work and studying will help you do well on the day of your actual permit test. Your exam will be presented in a multiple-choice format, just like ours. This will make you more comfortable and put you at ease. You will need to answer a minimum of 80 percent of the questions correctly to get your permit. When you are ready, the best time to start is right now.


As a motorcyclist, if you are positioned in the right lane you should be able to _______.
  • Avoid others' blind spots.
  • Increase your ability to see and be seen.
  • Protect your lane from other drivers.
  • Communicate your intentions.
  • All of the listed answers.
Can a motorcyclist rely on eye contact at intersections?
  • Yes. It is sufficient if the driver makes eye contact back.
  • Yes. It is if it benefits an accident.
  • Maybe. Eye contact can work if you are good at making eye contact.
  • No. Eye contact is not something you should rely.
How many of the states have a BAC limit of .08 percent to all riders over the age of 21?
  • All states
  • California, Nevada, and Arizona only
  • New York, Nevada, and Connecticut
  • None of the states have this limit
How should you determine that you have had too much to drink in order to avoid riding your motorcycle under the influence?
  • Count the number of drinks you've had.
  • Exercise your own judgment after drinking.
  • Since your ability to exercise your own judgment is impaired by alcohol, you cannot determine this on your own.
  • Ask your friends if you're okay.
How should you determine the appropriate tire pressure for your vehicle when carrying cargo or passengers?
  • Check your owner's manual.
  • Look up information for your vehicle type (i.e. car, light truck, SUV).
  • Visually inspect your tires after loading your vehicle.
  • Tire pressure is only important if you're carrying a very heavy load.