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Colorado Driver's License Practice Test 3

Is it time for your DMV Driver's License test? Get fully prepared and take our FREE CO Driver's License Practice Test online now! Featuring 25 unique multiple choice questions, very similar to the ones found on the real Colorado DMV Test.
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Colorado Drivers License Practice Test Description

To receive your Colorado drivers license, you will need to complete a standardized written examination. Preparing for this exam will help you obtain a passing score.

How Our Practice Tests Can Help You Pass the Drivers License Test

After you earn your drivers license, you will have an unrestricted ability to operate a vehicle and join the millions of drivers in the state of Colorado. Along with having the opportunity to carry a license, you will also be required to adhere to the traffic laws. Our practice tests are designed to help you do that. Not only will you gain the knowledge that you need to pass the Colorado drivers license test, you will also have the skills needed to be a responsible driver.

Colorado Drivers License Practice Test Description

Similar to the actual written exam that you are required to take, the Colorado drivers license practice test is structured in a multiple-choice format. There are 25 questions on all of the practice tests. Each question contains four possible answers from which you must choose the correct response. Before you proceed to the next question, you will be able to review the explanation for the correct answer and refer to the designated section in your handbook for further study. Some of the questions include real-life scenarios that you may encounter on the road, while other questions are designed to test your knowledge of the Colorado road laws and the laws regarding your privilege to maintain a license. There are several different practice tests that you may complete at any time. You can repeat the same test as many times as you want until you feel that you are fully prepared to pass your Colorado drivers license test.

You can access the Colorado drivers handbook on our website and apply the techniques that you have learned on each CO DMV practice test. When test day arrives, you should be well-acquainted with the laws and how to respond to road signs and signals. In addition to being prepared for the written portion of the Colorado license requirements, when you take your driving skills test, this valuable knowledge should be put to use. Start reading the Colorado DMV handbook manual, and try your first DMV practice test today.

Colorado DMV Sample Test Questions

A loaded truck going 55 mph needs how long to make a complete stop?
  • 290 ft
  • 50 ft
  • 500 ft
  • 1,000 ft
Bicycles have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicles.
  • True
  • False
Cannabis is illegal and subject to the same penalties as driving while impaired by alcohol.
  • True
  • False
Driving while fatigued is one of the greatest factors in roadway crashes and the resulting injuries and fatalities.
  • False
  • True
Follow your vehicle owners manual for _________.
  • Routine Maintenance
  • When To Fill Up With Gas
  • When To Change Your Oil
  • What Kind Of Oil To Use