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Colorado Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 5

Our FREE CO Motorcycle Practice Test is made up of 25 comprehensive, multiple choice questions.
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You Need A Colorado Motorcycle Permit Before Learning To Drive

Your motorcycle permit test does not have to be a roadblock in your effort to learn to drive. With our practice tests, you can drill the information you need to know to pass.

The Colorado Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Helps You Learn The Rules

Learning to drive a motorcycle requires a new set of skills. From learning to balance to operating the brakes with your hands, a new driver needs to be open to new roadway experiences. Before learning these skills, the new driver will need to master the safety rules that are unique to motorcyclists. This is why, even if you hold a valid license, you need to take a motorcycle-specific exam. You first step to feeling confident during the motorcycle test is to reference a Colorado driver's manual. You can get a copy from your local office or download one here. Make sure you pick up the manual specifically for motorcycle drivers and that it is the most updated version.

When you have had a chance to go through the manual, it is time to take a practice test. Since you do not want to spend all your time reading and rereading the manual, we give you the chance to test what you have learned. You will be able to show off your new knowledge on 25 multiple-choice questions. These questions are randomly generated each time you take another test, which makes these tests a great tool in order to improve your score. You might see a question about the best surface to pull off the road on to or what hand signal signifies you are making a left turn. Submitting the answer will show you immediately whether you answered correctly or not.

On test day, you want to arrive feeling confidant and ready to take the test. The multiple-choice questions on the practice test reflect the formatting of the actual test, which may make your actual exam less intimidating. In order to receive your motorcycle permit, you will need to get 80 percent of the answers correct.

Colorado DMV Sample Test Questions

During which situations would a rider need to follow a three-second distance rule?
  • On a regular sunny day. The three-second distance rule is the standard for motorcycles.
  • Motorcyclists should never follow the three-second rule.
  • On a rainy day motorcyclist might need to follow the three-second rule.
  • During a horrendous blizzard.
If you are riding uphill on a 3-wheel motorcycle, weight will shift to the rear of the motorcycle resulting in what becoming lighter?
  • The front of the motorcycle.
  • The back left of the motorcycle.
  • The back right of the motorcycle.
  • The middle of the back of the motorcycle.
  • The entire body of the motorcycle.
If you are swerving, you should brake _____ .
  • Only before the swerve.
  • Only after the swerve.
  • None of the listed answers.
  • Both after the swerve and brake before the swerve.
If you are traveling down the road and your face protection becomes smeared or damaged, what should you do?
  • Immediately pull over to the side of the road and repair the damage.
  • Keep riding until you get to your destination and repair the damage there.
  • Keep your eyes on the road with your hands on the handlebars and safely pull over when traffic allows.
  • Take your face protection off and continue riding.
  • Do nothing and continue riding.
If you encounter a stuck throttle while riding your motorcycle and twisting it back and forth does not resolve the problem, which solution should you try next?
  • Apply the brakes as quickly as possible and pull over.
  • Apply the brakes gently and safely pull over.
  • Use the engine cut off switch and pull in the clutch.
  • Pull in the clutch and pull over.
  • Let it remain stuck for a moment and try twisting it again.