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Connecticut Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

Earn your Motorcycle License with ease! Our FREE CT Motorcycle Practice Test offers realistic questions designed to help you be completely prepared, and pass the Connecticut DMV test with ease.
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Passing the Connecticut Motorcycle Permit Test

Acing your motorcycle permit test can be simple if you prepare properly. Our practice tests help you learn the information and gain confidence to become a better driver.

Our CT Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Helps You Make the Most of Your Study Time

If you are an adult looking for a motorcycle permit, you might wonder why you need to take a knowledge exam to get it. You already had to take a test in order to get your original driver's license. However, driving a motorcycle has special considerations to study up on. If you are a teenager getting your first permit, everything is new to you, and studying will help you pass your permit test. The good news is that everything you need to know is written in your state's driver's manual. When you have a minute to get started reading through the guide, download a copy that you can study without the hassle of stopping by your local office.

You might think you need to wait until you know almost everything in the handbook before taking our practice tests. However, our quizzes can help you study along the way. Each test is randomly generated, so you get different questions each time you take it. A fresh set of 25 questions will allow you to test what you have learned and show you where to put in a little more study time. You might see a question about what type ground it is safe to pull over on or how to brake safely if one of your tires goes flat while riding a motorcycle.

In Connecticut, you will need to make an appointment at one of the testing centers to take the knowledge exam. On the state's website, you will find a place to register and get a date. If you are not able to pass the test the first time, you will need to wait another week and pay the fee again. This is why passing the first time is so important. With 25 multiple-choice questions, you need to answer at least 20 questions correctly to meet the 80 percent requirement. After reading your copy of the state's driver's manual, you are ready to take your first practice exam.

Connecticut DMV Sample Test Questions

Experienced motorcycle riders seldom ride no longer than how many hours to help eliminate fatigue?
  • 4 hours.
  • 8 hours.
  • 3 hours.
  • 6 hours.
  • 5 hours.
For riding your motorcycle, jackets and pants should ____________.
  • Be fashionable and stylish.
  • Cover your arms and legs completely, fit snugly enough to not flap in the wind but loose enough to allow free movement.
  • Be made by a recognizable brand name.
  • None of the listed answers.
How long is a motorcycle learner's permit valid for?
  • 10 days.
  • 30 days.
  • 60 days.
  • 90 days.
  • 365 days.
How should a motorcyclist park in a parallel parking space next to a curb?
  • Three feet away from the curb.
  • Place the motorcycle on the sidewalk next to the curb.
  • Position the rear wheel to the curb.
  • Five feet away from the curb.
  • Position the front wheel to the curb.
If approaching a blind intersection, ____________.
  • Move to the part of the lane that allows another driver to see you as soon as possible.
  • Stay in your current position in the lane.
  • Accelerate so that you will be visible to those in the intersection more quickly.
  • None of the listed answers.