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Frequently Asked Questions - Preparing For Your MN Driving Exam (Or Road Test)

On the day of your MN Driving Exam, arrive to the testing center approximately 15 minutes beforehand. You should bring your valid learner's permit, a vehicle, a certificate of course completion (if you are under 18) and your parent or legal guardian's signature on a document attesting to your completion of 30 hours of driving practice.
On the MN Driving Exam, you will need to demonstrate parts of your vehicle to the examiner first before you begin driving. As you drive, your number one priority should be demonstrating your ability to drive safely and effectively.
The night before your road test, you should practice driving with a licensed driver, who is 21 years old or older. Don't overdo it though. Make sure you get a good night's rest.
You should complete your MN Driving Exam at a testing center near you. You can find a list of available locations by visiting this website:
Yes. You have to bring your own car with you. You must able to provide proof of registration and insurance. You should also ensure the vehicle is in good working condition.
The answer to this questions varies depending on your age. If you are under 18 years old, you will have to maintain a good driving record with your permit for at least 6 months before you can try for your provisional driver's license. If you are older than 19, you will need to maintain your permit for 3 months at minimum.
The biggest restriction on your MN Permit is that you can not drive alone. When you are driving, a licensed driver who is 21 years old, should always be in the car sitting next to you. Additionally, you are not allowed to take on a cellphone while you are driving and everyone in your car should be wearing a seatbelt.
You should feel confident conducting basic safety checks, performing smooth lane changes, starting and stopping your vehicle smoothly and sharing the road with other vehicles.