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Minnesota Permit Practice Test

Pass the Minnesota DVS Permit Test on your very first try! Take our FREE Permit Practice Test for the ultimate test preparation. Our Practice Test has 25 multiple choice questions, real scenarios, and gives immediate feedback.
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Minnesota Teen Permit Practice Test Description

Prior to receiving your Minnesota driving permit, you must pass a series of tests. The best way to pass your written knowledge test is by taking our practice tests as you study.

How Our MN Permit Practice Test Helps You

One of the major milestones in a teenager's life is receiving the keys to the car. However, before you are allowed to start learning how to drive with the Minnesota teen permit, you must first pass a written test. The written test is not particularly difficult, but passing will be easier the more you study and prepare. Our practice DVS permit test will train you on the things you need to know for the actual exam.

The DVS permit test will quiz you on road signs and on driving rules. Our practice tests will prepare you for these questions by quizzing you on pavement markings, when to drive in the right-hand lane, how to enter intersections, what a freeway interchange is and other safe driving rules, techniques and knowledge. Understanding these rules is crucial to becoming a safe driver. You can also find all the information you need to pass the test in the Minnesota DVS Driver's Manual.

Once you arrive at the DVS on the actual test day, you should feel confident because you have already taken our practice tests multiple times. The practice tests, with their immediate feedback and answer explanations, will have prepared you thoroughly for the test content and the testing environment. In order to pass the written knowledge test, you must score higher than 80 percent. If you wish to receive more practice in recognizing road signs and signals, you can take our Road Signs and Signals Practice Test.


A 15-year-old may qualify for a license in all the following cases except _____.
  • To drive a moped.
  • To drive farm equipment to help parents with farm work.
  • To drive for medical needs when no other licensed driver is in the household.
  • To commute to school when there is no available bus route.
A class A license is valid for what vehicles?
  • Tractors, trailers, and trucks only.
  • Normal, four-door passenger cars only.
  • Any vehicle or trailer combination.
  • None of the listed answers.
A warning sign showing the back of a car with curved lines behind it indicates:
  • Curves ahead.
  • Slippery road.
  • Watch for debris or falling rocks.
  • Grooved pavement.
A winter survival kit should carry which of the following?
  • A shovel.
  • Warm clothing.
  • Road flares.
  • Jumper cables.
  • All listed answers are correct.
A yellow warning sign showing a dotted line being cut off by a slanted solid line indicates:
  • Two-way traffic becoming one-way.
  • An upcoming exit.
  • A lane ending.
  • Road construction.