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Minnesota Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

Earn your Motorcycle License with ease! Our FREE MN Motorcycle Practice Test offers realistic questions designed to help you be completely prepared, and pass the Minnesota DVS test with ease.
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Minnesota Motorcycle Permit Test

To receive a Minnesota motorcycle permit, you must first pass an exam at the DMV. If you want to do well on the exam, you can benefit by taking our Minnesota Motorcycle Permit practice test. Generally, you must pass both a written test and a skills test before receiving your permit. Taking our practice tests can help you familiarize yourself with road rules and policies that are essential to staying safe while riding and driving motorcycles on Minnesota?s roads. This practice test asks many of the questions you may see on the official exam. It may include questions about road signs and traffic signals, the effects of drugs and alcohol, the differences between two- and three-wheel motorcycles, turning, equipment requirements, moped restrictions, passenger and cargo limits, license fees and renewal information, vehicle registration and insurance. You may also face questions about group riding, visibility, driver responsibilities, seat positioning, vehicle maintenance and handling animals among other topics.

Preparing for the Practice Test

We provide five different Minnesota motorcycle permit practice tests. Taking all of these can help you be sure that you have studied rigorously enough and that you are well prepared for your examinations. Each practice test consists of 25 multiple choice questions designed to mimic the real exam. To pass, you need to score 80 percent or higher, which means that you must answer 20 or more questions correctly. You also can prepare for these practice tests by studying some of the other resources we offer. It may be beneficial for you to review our up-to-date copy of the Minnesota DVS Motorcycle Handbook Manual. You may also want to take advantage of our handy cheat sheets, which can make preparing for the motorcycle permit test simple and straightforward.