Frequently Asked Questions - Taking your CA Driving Exam (or Road Test)

Yes. You can retake the CA driving exam three times before you must reapply. Reapplying means filing out another Form DL 44, paying the application fee again, passing the written exam and the vision test and taking another picture and thumb print. You will also have to present your Social Security Number and your true full legal name again.
Anyone older than 25, who has a valid California driver's license.
To pass your CA road test, you must demonstrate to the examiner that you can drive safely and effectively. The examiner pay close attention to whether you watched for pedestrians, judged the traffic and used your mirrors. During your driving exam, make sure you always signal when merging into traffic, do not drive too quickly or too slowly and stay in control of the vehicle. Remember to buckle up, adjust your mirros when you get into the car, look into the mirror and over your shoulder before merging into traffic, keep both hands on the steering wheel and stop appropriately behind crosswalks and limit lines.
You must demonstrate to the examiner that you know how to drive safely and effectively. You will show the examiner that you know how to control your vehicle while you are backing up, driving through intersections, making left and right changes and driving through residential and business neighborhoods.
No. Once you have taken the permit test, you don't need to take the written exam again.
No. The only persons allowed in the vehicle during your road test is yourself and the examiner.