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Frequently Asked Questions - Taking your OK Driving Exam (or Road Test)

Yes. You can retake the OK driving exam.
If you fail your OK Driving Exam, you will not receive your license. You will be able to retake the OK Driving Exam. If you fail your OK Driving Exam initially, don't rush retaking your exam. Pay attention to what your examiner has identified as your weakness and work upon strengthening your weaknesses.
If you are under 18, your parent or legal guardian should accompany you.
To pass your OK road test, you must demonstrate to the examiner that you can drive safely and effectively. The examiner will pay close attention to whether you watched for pedestrians, judged the traffic and used your mirrors. During your driving exam, make sure you always signal when merging into traffic, do not drive too quickly or too slowly and stay in control of the vehicle. Remember to buckle up, adjust your mirrors when you get into the car, look into the mirror and over your shoulder before merging into traffic, keep both hands on the steering wheel and stop appropriately behind crosswalk lines.
You must demonstrate to the examiner that you know how to drive safely and effectively. You will show the examiner that you know how to control your vehicle while you are backing up, driving through intersections, making left and right turns and driving through residential and business neighborhoods.
The only persons allowed in the vehicle during your road test is yourself and the examiner.