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Florida Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2

Are you ready for your DMV Motorcycle Test? Find out NOW by taking our FREE FL Motorcycle Practice Test online. We offer 25 original, multiple choice questions formed directly from the information in your own Florida manual.
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Florida Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

Pass your Florida motorcycle permit exam and hit the open road with your motorcycle permit with help from this free motorcycle permit practice test! This test is unique to Florida motorcycle riders, with questions written specifically on Florida’s motorcycle laws and guidelines pulled straight from the FLHSMV’s motorcycle handbook.

Our free motorcycle practice test includes 25 multiple-choice questions that help you prepare for the format of your real written permit test. You’ll need to answer 20 questions correctly to pass, and you get real-time feedback so you know exactly how you’re doing. The end of your test includes a review of all questions you answered both correctly and incorrectly, along with full explanations of each answer, so that you know exactly what to go back and review before your actual test. Take our free FL motorcycle practice test as many times as you need so that you know you’ll be fully prepared to ace that motorcycle permit exam on the very first try.

Florida Motorcycle Permit Practice Test FAQs:

What questions are on the Florida motorcycle permit test?

The Florida motorcycle permit test will quiz you on how to safely operate a motorcycle in traffic, right-of-way and following rules, safety equipment requirements, hand signals, and more.

What’s the difference between a motorcycle permit test and a regular permit test?

A motorcycle permit exam is an additional knowledge test required to earn a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license. It will ask questions specific to becoming a motorcycle rider, while the regular permit test (required for all Florida drivers) pertains to general rules of the road for all vehicle types.

How do I earn my Florida motorcycle endorsement?

To earn your Florida motorcycle endorsement on your license, you must be at least 16 years old and first pass a written motorcycle permit knowledge test. Then you’re required to complete a motorcycle Basic Rider course to learn how to operate your vehicle safely. During your course, you’ll need to pass an on-bike road exam, after which you can apply for your Florida motorcycle endorsement.

Florida DMV Sample Test Questions

How many inches from the ground should your feet be at when sitting on the motorcycle?
  • 5 inches.
  • 4 inches,
  • 3 inches.
  • 2 inches.
  • Your feet should be flat on the ground.
If you approach a blind intersection, you should first _______.
  • Move to the side of the lane that will bring you in the driver's field of vision.
  • Honk your horn violently until all drivers stop around you.
  • Accelerate and speed through it as quickly as possible.
  • Ignore the traffic rules.
  • None of the listed answers.
If you are carrying a load on your motorcycle, which of the following should you not do?
  • Distribute the load evenly.
  • Secure the load.
  • Check the load.
  • Keep the load in backward.
  • Keep the load forward.
If you conclude that you must ride over an obstacle, you should approach it from as close to a _____ degree angle as you are able.
  • 45
  • 90
  • 80
  • 180
If you need to get off the road, you should _________.
  • Check your mirrors.
  • Signal.
  • Pull away from the road as far as possible.
  • All of the listed answers.