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What documents do I need to go to the DMV?

When applying for a license or permit, you must submit proof of age and identity. If you are under 18 and not married, you must submit a primary form of identification, a secondary form of identification, verification of Social Security number and a parental consent form. If you are under 18 and married, you must show proof of age and identity by submitting your birth and marriage certificates. All applicants must provide one item from the primary list and one item from the secondary list unless they already have a driver’s license or identification card issued by the State of Iowa. All documents must be an original. Photocopies or faxes are not acceptable.

Proof of Identity—Primary List
• United States birth certificate issued by government agency with raised seal
• Iowa driver’s license or identification card with photo
• Valid United States passport
• United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) document
• Military identification card (does not include a dependent identification card)
• Notarized copy of an Inmate Descriptor Inquiry form, Client Information Inquiry form or Offender Snapshot document issued by the Iowa Department of Corrections containing full name and date of birth.

Proof of Identity—Secondary List
• Social Security card issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA)
• Bureau of Indian Affairs or Indian Treaty card
• Driver’s license or identification card with photo (not expired more than one year)
• Foreign birth certificate (translated by an approved translator)
• Military discharge/separation papers or military orders (DD214)
• Employer identification card
• Health insurance card
• Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or state tax document completed by a government agency or W-2 forms completed by employer
• Gun permit
• Pilot’s license
• Certified transcript or school record
• Canadian Social Insurance card
• Student identification with photo
• Voter registration card
• Welfare card
• Prison release document
• Certified or notarized affidavit personally submitted by the applicant’s parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian must submit acceptable proof of his or her identity.

Proof of Iowa Residency
• Iowa voter registration card
• Iowa vehicle registration certificate
• Utility bill showing 30 days of residency
• Statement from an Iowa employer
• Children’s school enrollment papers
• Documentation showing filing for homestead or military tax exemption on Iowa property
• Other items will be reviewed by licensing personnel