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What restrictions come with a Minor School License?

The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) has the following general guidelines for school licenses:

• School transportation is not available for school activities.

• There must be a distance of at least one mile between the student’s residence and the school.

• The school superintendent, chairperson of the Board of Education or school principal, must verify the need for a license. The MSL is valid for attending classes or attending a school-sponsored event within the school district.

• The student must travel the most direct route between home and school.

• The license is only valid for schools within the district and between the hours of 5 am and 10 pm.

• Students are not allowed to stop on the way and pick up or drop off other students, but they can transport other students from their own residence.

• Students are allowed to stop for fuel only if the gas station is along the most direct route from home to school.

Your license may be suspended for 30 days under the following conditions:

• You are convicted of a moving violation or found to be at fault for an auto accident.

• The Iowa DOT receives a written report from a police officer, parent, legal guardian, school superintendent or superintendent’s designee that the student violated the MSL restrictions.

• Suspension of your MSL also cancels the privilege of driving with an instruction permit. If you have two or more moving violations, your license will be revoked for one year or until you turn 16, whichever is longer. To reinstate the license, you will need to have SR-22 insurance and pay a civil penalty of $50 in addition to the reinstatement and new license fees.