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Idaho Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 3

Take our FREE ID Motorcycle Practice Test today and be fully prepared when you take your DMV Motorcycle Test. Learn what kind of questions to expect, and get your test score right away in addition to detailed explanations.
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Idaho Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Description

Are you preparing to take the Idaho motorcycle permit exam? Our motorcycle permit practice test is the best way to ensure your success on your DMV permit exam.

How Our Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Can Help

Just like in other states, you're required to pass a motorcycle permit test before hitting the road in the state of Idaho. This means you have to take the time to study and prepare before heading over to the Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles to take the test. You need a practice test to get you warmed up and confident enough to face the official test. If you really want to get out and ride, it is important that you get hold of quality resources to help you prepare for the test. Boost your confidence level and get access to some of the most effective and proven tools available.

After hundreds of hours of thorough and careful research, we have created a practice test to help you acquire the knowledge you need to succeed on your motorcycle permit test. It will help increase your odds of passing the Idaho motorcycle permit exam on your first attempt. You will learn best practices, safety rules, road signs and signals as well as many other topics pertaining to riding a motorcycle. This practice test is in the same format and style as the Idaho motorcycle permit exam, giving you a good idea of what you will see on the official exam. You have unlimited attempts, and if you choose the wrong answer, you will be presented with the correct answer along with an explanation.

We developed our study material with the help of experienced instructors who have great expertise in training students for DMV exams. It is important to read the Idaho drivers manual before you utilize our study tools. This manual is very helpful and contains information you need to know in order to pass the DMV exam. Many people have a difficult time passing the DMV test because of inadequate preparation. If you take advantage of the quality study materials provided on this site this will not happen to you.

Idaho DMV Sample Test Questions

After ____ cycles of a traffic signal a motorcycle rider may proceed through a red light if the signal fails to operate.
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
Any passengers under the age of ___ must wear a DOT-approved helmet while riding with you.
  • 16
  • 18
  • 21
  • 24
Approximately how many people are killed every year in motorcycle accidents due to alcohol or drug abuse?
  • 100
  • 1000
  • 2000
  • 15000
Before getting off the road for any reason, you need to ___ as a safety precaution.
  • Signal to the other drivers.
  • Take off your helmet.
  • Brake to a stop while still on the road.
  • Speed up before exiting the road.
How long does it take for alcohol to hit your brain?
  • Only a few minutes.
  • Around an hour.
  • Around 30 minutes.
  • Slowly over the course of 2 hours.