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Idaho Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 4

Get a sneak peek of the questions you may find on the Idaho Motorcycle Test. Our FREE ID Motorcycle Practice Test has questions just like the ones on the real DMV test. Take out FREE practice test today!
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Idaho Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Description

A written test and riding skills test are required if you want to operate a motorcycle in the state of Idaho. Take our practice tests a number of times to help you pass the written portion of your tests.

Help With Idaho Motorcycle Permit Test Questions

Hitting the streets of Idaho and winding up the throttle on your motorcycle can be an excellent way to commute to work or just have a good time. However, in order for you to be a legal motorcycle operator in the state of Idaho, the state requires you to visit a local DMV office and obtain a legal license. The steps for doing this are fairly simple, but they do require you to put in some study time. Fortunately, we have created this website to help you with that. You can join many others who have used our practice tests to help them gain the knowledge needed to operate a motorcycle.

First, you should take as much time as you need to review the Idaho DMV Motorcycle Handbook Manual. Inside, you will discover material regarding safe motorcycle operation. Some of the topics that you will find in this guide include knowing your motorcycle, understanding the required equipment, borrowing and lending, moving through intersections and keeping your distance. Understanding this material is a crucial step on your journey to becoming a legal license holder, and it will also benefit you long into the future as you operate your motorcycle.

Next, see how well you understand the material that is presented in the handbook. You can do this by taking our free motorcycle permit practice test questions. Visit the practice tests section of our website to answer the questions. Answering a question wrong will not hurt you because these are just practice tests. In fact, when a wrong answer is given, the correct answer is immediately shown to you. This feature gives you the ability to head back to the handbook and restudy the material. It's a good idea to take these practice tests a number of times. Then, when you feel like you are ready, head to the Idaho DMV to take the official motorcycle permit test and get licensed.


Any passengers under the age of ___ must wear a DOT-approved helmet while riding with you.
  • 16
  • 18
  • 21
  • 24
Basic vehicle control includes ___________.
  • Body positioning.
  • Shifting gears.
  • Braking.
  • Turning.
  • All of the listed answers.
Experienced riders tend to ride no more than ____ hours per day.
  • 1
  • 3
  • 4
  • 6
How many different levels of coverage choices are there when selecting helmet?
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 7
How should you approach crossing a grating?
  • With a steady speed and straight.
  • At a zigzag.
  • At a 45 degree angle to the grating.
  • At a 30 degree angle to the grating.