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Idaho Permit Practice Test 5

Your Permit Test is coming up, and we're here to help you pass! Study by taking our QUICK and FREE ID Permit Practice Test. Just answer 25 multiple choice questions, and receive detailed answers directly from the manual.
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An Idaho Teen Permit Can Take You Miles From Home

An Idaho driving permit is the first phase of earning your driver's license. We can help make the information you need to learn for your DMV permit test easier with our practice tests.

Your Best Study Tool Will Be Our ID Permit Practice Test

Only you really know how easy it is for you to memorize and learn new information. Each person needs a different amount of study time to get ready for their permit test. However, you do need to gauge how much time you need for studying based off the information that might be included on the knowledge exam. This is a comprehensive test that includes your state's traffic laws, driver safety rules and the road signs. All of this information shows how ready you are to become a safe and courteous driver. You will find a complete guide to what you need to know in the state's driver's handbook. If you choose to download your electronic copy from here, you will be assured that is the most recent and updated version possible. If you want a physical copy, you can easily print one from the electronic file or stop by a DMV for a copy.

Studying and reading through the driver's manual comes first. However, once you feel like you are getting the hang of the information inside, it is time to put that to the test. Our practice exam questions are written from your driver's manual, which is why you will see a page number reference and section with every answered question. You can opt to skip a question, but you will not see the correct answer or the page reference. Each of our practice tests contains 25 multiple-choice questions about Idaho's traffic laws. By submitting the question, you gain automatic access to the correct answer. As you learn more and score better on our practice exams, you will begin to relax and feel more confident about passing the test. On test day, you will not need an advance appointment, but you should allow yourself plenty of time to take the test and get your permit. You will need to get 80 percent of the answers right to get a passing grade. If you feel like you have a basic understanding of your manual, it is time to take a test.


A person must live in Idaho for _____ days to be considered an Idaho resident.
  • 30
  • 45
  • 60
  • 90
Due to varying requirements for antique vehicles and street rods, you should ________.
  • Just do whatever you want to do.
  • Look online to ask people what the requirements are.
  • Contact the Idaho Transportation Department's Vehicle Services Section for information.
  • All of the listed answers.
How many seconds should you signal for before changing lanes?
  • Two.
  • Five.
  • Ten.
  • Twelve.
If caught driving without privileges because of a suspended, revoked license or disqualified in another area, what is the mandatory minimum sentence?
  • Not less than five days and not more than six months.
  • Fourteen to twenty five days.
  • Not less than two days and not more than six months.
  • One month but no more than three months.
  • Not less than seven days and not more than 8 months.
If entering a roundabout intersection, you should ____________.
  • Yield right of way to vehicles already in the intersection.
  • Honk your horn loudly to let those in the roundabout know you are there.
  • Assume right of way over those already in the intersection.
  • None of the listed answers.