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When can I get my driver’s license?

To obtain a driver’s license in Minnesota, you must meet the following requirements:

Full License
• You must be at least 18 years of age or have held a Provisional License for at least one year without any controlled substance or alcohol violations, a crashed-related moving violation or not more than one moving violation not involving an accident.
• You must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian if under 18.
• Your parent or legal guardian must certify that you have completed at least ten hours of supervised driving with a Provisional License.
• You must pay the fee of $24.

Farm Work License
Teen drivers may apply for a farm work license if they meet the following criteria:

• You are under 21 and have an Instruction Permit.
• You have completed behind-the-wheel training.
• You can provide proof that the property is classified as agricultural. If your parent or legal guardian rents the farmland, a rental agreement and property tax statement will be required.
• You have successfully passed the road test.

Your parent or legal guardian must fill out a “Farm Work License Affidavit” along with their signature and have it witnessed by a Notary Public.

Medical Driver’s License
A special medical driver’s license may be issued to a 15-year old if there are no licensed drivers in the household and the applicant needs to drive a family member for medical reasons. A written statement from a parent or legal guardian and a letter from a physician describing the need for the license must be submitted for approval before a road test will be authorized. The applicant must hold an instruction permit for six months prior and complete an approved driver’s education course.