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Montana Driver's License Practice Test 2

Take our FREE MT Driver's License Practice Test now! It's an online quiz with 25 unique questions, in-depth explanations, and instant test results. Be totally prepared for the Montana DMV Driver's License test in no time!
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Montana Drivers License Practice Test Description

Before being issued a Montana drivers license, you must show that you are ready by passing at least three tests. Our MT MVD practice test can help you gain the knowledge you need to succeed.

How Our MT MVD Practice Test Gets You Ready to Hit the Road

In Montana, all drivers receiving their first license are required to successfully complete a minimum of three tests: a vision test, a driving knowledge exam and a road test. In order to pass both the knowledge and road test portions of the Montana drivers license test, you must understand the state's traffic laws, road signs and signals, safe driving practices and your responsibilities as a driver. Our MVD practice test offers a convenient way to review all this information and be sure that you have the necessary facts at your disposal. After reading the Montana MVD's Drivers Handbook to obtain the information you need, take our MVD practice test to see what you have retained and what you might still need to study. Take our practice test as often as you like. Repeating it will help you gain more practice and see a variety of questions. Because our MT MVD practice test is designed to mirror the knowledge portion of the actual Montana drivers license test, you will grow comfortable with the format of the actual exam. This should help you calm your nerves when you are ready to sit for the real test.

If you find the practice test helpful, consider trying our Montana road signs and signals practice test to help expand your knowledge of the signage you may encounter on the road. You can also read through our blog.

The knowledge portion of the Montana drivers license test is comprised of 33 questions; you must answer a minimum of 27 correctly to earn a passing score. Aspiring drivers are allowed three attempts in a year to pass the test. Once they do so, they must pass a road test that examines their ability to apply their understanding of Montana's traffic laws and basic safe driving techniques. Once the requirements for the vision, knowledge and road portions of the test have been fulfilled, you can obtain your Montana drivers license.

Montana MVD Sample Test Questions

A stop line, an X and the letters RR are painted on the pavement. Where are you?
  • Stopped at a stop light.
  • In the parking lot of the hospital.
  • Stopped before a railroad crossing.
  • Driving down the freeway.
A vehicle must have turn signals at the front when the distance from the center of the steering wheel to the left side of the car is more than _____ inches.
  • 12
  • 36
  • 24
  • 48
A ______________ means you cannot pass over the center line.
  • Dashed white-line.
  • Dashed yellow line.
  • Solid yellow line.
  • Double solid white line.
According to Montana state law, bicycle are considered _______________.
  • Not to be vehicles.
  • All terrain vehicles.
  • Vehicles.
  • Exercise and recreational devices.
As a general rule of thumb, when travelling at a speed of 55 mph, how much time do you need to pass a vehicle?
  • 7 seconds.
  • 5 seconds.
  • 10 seconds.
  • 15 seconds.