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Montana Driver's License Practice Test 4

Find out how prepared you really are for the MVD Driver's License Test. Take our MT Driver's License Practice Test for FREE, then see how well you scored. Get detailed answers and helpful information instantly online.
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Montana Drivers License Practice Test Description

To obtain a Montana drivers license, you will need to pass multiple tests. Our MT MVD practice test can help you succeed by building your confidence and strengthening your knowledge base.

Why Our MT MVD Practice Test is an Effective Study Aid

The state of Montana requires all drivers receiving their first license and any drivers who allowed their license to expire to take a written driving knowledge exam and a road test. To pass these tests, you need to know Montana's traffic laws, road signs and markings, safe driving techniques and your responsibilities as a driver. This information can all be found in the Montana MVD Drivers Handbook Manual. Once you have reviewed the manual, take our MVD practice test, which is designed to mimic the official test. This will also help you identify your strengths and areas where you need further study.

Retake our MT MVD practice test until you are certain that you have an excellent grasp of the material. You can also visit our Montana drivers license blog for handy tips about prepping for your drivers license exam, useful facts about safe driving practices and updates on any changes to Montana's traffic laws. Using our practice test and following our blog not only helps you study, but the thorough preparation gives you more confidence and minimizes the possibility of nervous mistakes.

You must be at least 16 years old to sit for the written portion of the Montana drivers license test. It has 33 questions covering the basic information a driver needs to operate a vehicle safely on the state's roads. To pass, you will need to answer at least 27 of them correctly. Once you have achieved a passing score on the knowledge test, you will need to demonstrate that you can apply that information appropriately by passing the road test. After successfully completing these assessments, prospective drivers between the ages of 15 and 17 must enter the state's graduated driver's license program to obtain their licenses. Specifically designed to encourage teens to become safe drivers, this progressive program gradually increases the driving privileges young drivers enjoy as they gain experience behind the wheel. Adults 18 and older can receive their Montana drivers license immediately after passing the tests.

Montana MVD Sample Test Questions

A farm tractor or implement of husbandry driving on the highway at night must display a ____ light in the front, and ____ light in the rear.
  • Yellow; red.
  • Red; white.
  • White; red.
  • Yellow; white.
  • White; yellow.
A steady yellow arrow means:
  • That you still have a while to turn safely.
  • That your chance to turn is about to end.
  • You should go fast to beat the light.
  • None of the listed answers.
Before you leave on any trip, you should:
  • Check your lights.
  • Check your brakes.
  • Make sure your wipers are in good condition.
  • All of the listed answers.
Fluorescent pink is used on signs:
  • When the road is beautiful.
  • When there are a lot of flowers around.
  • As the background for incident management signs.
  • For traveler services information signs.
If a passenger bus is disabled on the side of the road, a warning device should be placed:
  • 100 feet behind the vehicle.
  • 100 feet in front of the vehicle.
  • At the traffic side of the vehicle.
  • All of the listed answers.