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Nebraska Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 3

Take our FREE NE Motorcycle Practice Test today and be fully prepared when you take your DMV Motorcycle Test. Learn what kind of questions to expect, and get your test score right away in addition to detailed explanations.
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Nebraska Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Description

If you live in Nebraska and you are planning on riding your motorcycle in the state, you're required to obtain a Nebraska motorcycle permit. To obtain this authority, you have to take a test at a designated Department of Motor Vehicles location. To help you prepare, we have provided you with a motorcycle permit practice test that will guide you through the types of questions that will be asked on the official exam. Practicing our motorcycle permit test will help you gain knowledge, and it will also make you a much safer motorcycle operator.

Let Our Nebraska Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Guide You

Winding up the throttle on your motorcycle and traveling through the streets and highways of Nebraska gives you freedom and a sense of exhilaration, but to legally do this as a Nebraska resident, the state requires you to obtain a Class M license. Once you turn 17, you can obtain your motorcycle license. Our practice tests are created to guide you through the material that will be on the official motorcycle permit test. By practicing our test, it will allow you to gain knowledge, confidence and prepare you for heading to the DMV.

When you go to obtain your motorcycle license, you will be required to pass a test that checks your vision, a motorcycle skills test and a written exam. Right now, you're probably unfamiliar with the questions that will be asked. There is no need to worry as our motorcycle permit test asks questions that relate to mechanical, passing safety, surface conditions, road signs, signals, helmet types and other motorcycle-related knowledge. Taking our free exams will make you much more knowledgeable about motorcycle safety and the requirements that the state of Nebraska expects you to understand before granting you a motorcycle license.

We have provided a wide range of material that shows you how the test will be structured and gives an indication of the type of multiple-choice questions that will be asked. By studying the Nebraska DMV Motorcycle Handbook Manual that we provide and practicing our Nebraska DMV motorcycle practice test you will prepare yourself for success.


A plastic shatter-resistant face shield does what?
  • Helps protect your whole face in case of a crash.
  • Protects you from debris and wind, common distractions.
  • All of the answers listed.
  • None of the answers listed.
A street-legal motorcycle should have which of the following?
  • Front and rear brakes.
  • At least two mirrors.
  • Headlight, tail-light, and brake-light.
  • Adequate turn signals, and a horn.
  • All of the answers listed.
According to the manual more than half of all crashes occur on motorcycles ridden by the operator for ___________?
  • More than six months.
  • Less than six months.
  • More than two years.
  • Less than a week.
According to the manual studies have shown that motorcycles are how many times more likely to be seen when using your headlight during the day?
  • 1.5 times
  • 2 times
  • 5 times
  • 3 times
At what rate does the body eliminate alcohol?
  • One drink per hour.
  • Two drinks per hour.
  • Three drinks per hour.
  • One drink per two hours.
  • None of the answers listed.