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Nebraska Permit Practice Test 2

Take our FREE NE Permit Practice Test today! We offer unique, hand-written questions formed straight from the Nebraska Drivers manual to give you a better chance at passing your DMV Test.
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Nebraska Teen Permit Practice Test Description

New drivers must start their journey by taking the DMV permit test to obtain a permit in Nebraska. Anyone can pass this test by studying and using permit practice tests to prepare.

Using a NE Permit Practice Test to Your Advantage

While taking a driver's license test for the first time can be scary, you can feel confident by studying and using the NE permit practice test to prepare. A Nebraska teen permit is not only for teenagers; anyone who has never had a license before must start with the permit test. Teens and adults can ensure they pass the permit test on the first try by familiarizing themselves with the permit handbook and testing their knowledge.

You can only take the official DMV permit test once a day, but you can use the practice test as many times as you want to learn the material. This also exposes you to the testing style and language used so you become comfortable taking the test. The Nebraska driving permit test has 25 questions, and you must score an 80 percent or higher to pass. Fortunately, you can work at your own pace and tackle the questions in any order you wish. The practice test allows you to skip questions and review after every correct or incorrect answer. You may be quizzed on topics like the rules of the road, traffic signs, vehicle safety and the essential controls within an automobile.

There are many things one can do to prepare for obtaining a driver's license. Using the practice tests could be part of a comprehensive approach that includes taking a driver's education class, practicing driving skills and using a "cheat sheet" to study Nebraska regulations. You can refer back to the practice tests throughout your studying to reinforce what you are learning, and there are multiple tests that generate random questions each time you take them. A mix of hands-on and theoretical techniques will ensure you can pass the permit test on your first try.


A driver must stop for a school bus if:
  • They have their flashing lights on.
  • The stop arm is extended.
  • You are in the same side of the road.
  • You are on the opposite side of the road without a median.
  • All of the listed answers.
An example of a driving restriction is:
  • Corrective lenses.
  • Geographical area.
  • Daytime only driving.
  • Outside mirrors must be placed.
  • All of the listed answers.
Children under the age of ____ must ride in an approved safety seat.
  • 5
  • 8
  • 6
  • 10
Flashing yellow lights mean:
  • Stop.
  • Go.
  • Proceed with caution.
  • Do not turn.
How many days before your license expiration date do you have to renew it?
  • 45 days.
  • 60 days.
  • 120 days.
  • 90 days.
  • 180 days.