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Nevada Permit Practice Test

Want to pass your Nevada DMV Permit Test on the first try? Our free Permit Practice Test is the perfect way to prepare. Our test includes 25 multiple-choice questions, each with real-life scenarios you may encounter on the real test. Plus, you'll receive immediate feedback to help you identify areas that need improvement.


      This Practice Test is for:

      • Nevada Learners Permit
      • First-time Teen Drivers
      • Teen Drivers Moving to Nevada

      What is the actual NV DMV exam like:

      • 25 questions
      • 80% / 20 correct answers to pass
      • The Test is on a Computer
      • You must be 15 ½ years old to apply
      Questions number
      Mistakes Allowed
      Passing Score

      Nevada DMV Permit Test

      Passing the Nevada DMV permit test is crucial to getting your driver's license. Our website offers the best resource for Nevada permit practice tests to help you ace the test with ease. With five different test versions and intuitive study materials, you'll be well-prepared to answer the 50 questions on the exam. Don't waste time searching for study materials or paying for expensive courses - get everything you need for free on our website. Start your journey towards becoming a licensed driver today with our Nevada DMV permit test practice."

      Master the Nevada Permit Test with Our Practice Tests

      Are you a new teen driver in Nevada? Passing the written permit test is the first step in obtaining your driver's license, but it can be nerve-wracking. That's why we created our online permit practice tests to help you prepare for the actual test and boost your confidence on the road.

      Our website offers five different versions of the Nevada permit practice test, each containing the same questions you'll face on the real test. Whether you're curious about emergencies, road rules, or traffic citations, our tests cover it. Plus, our tests provide page citations to help you find relevant information in your written materials should you answer a question incorrectly.

      Not only are our tests informative, but they're also convenient. Our intuitive and easy-to-use platform allows you to study from anywhere without having to lug around heavy books or pamphlets. You can practice sign recognition and signals and get tips and advice from other test-takers via our FAQ and blog sections.

      Most importantly, our practice tests will help you evaluate your current understanding, so you can identify and fill any knowledge gaps before taking the real permit test. The tests are structured in a way that educates and evaluates, making studying as easy as taking a test. And with unlimited access, you can take the tests as often as you need until you feel confident in your knowledge.

      Passing the Nevada permit test requires answering at least 40 out of 50 questions correctly and costs $25, including the road test. If you fail, retakes are available at $10 each. Remember, if you're under 18, you'll need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to take the test, and you must be at least 15 1/2 years old to take the test in the first place.

      Mastering the Nevada permit test is an essential step toward becoming a licensed driver, and our practice tests can help you get there. Don't let nerves or uncertainty hold you back - start preparing today with our online practice tests.

      Nevada DMV Sample Test Questions

      A Restriction G on the driver's license means the driver:
      • Can only be driving during the daylight.
      • Is required to wear glasses or contact lenses when driving.
      • Needs additional rearview mirrors.
      • Is driving with a instruction permit.
      A ___ fee is charged for all initial knowledge and/or skills tests administered.
      • $25
      • $10
      • $50
      • $40
      An orange sign on the road means ___.
      • Road construction or repair warning.
      • No, do not or stop.
      • Direction or guidance
      • Driver services, such as food and lodging
      How far away from a street crossing must you be to pass a vehicle?
      • 100 feet
      • 50 feet
      • 150 feet
      • 200 feet
      • You can pass at any distance, as long as you do not pass in the intersection.
      If a freeway entrance is equipped with ramp meters that are switched on, you must ___.
      • All of the answers listed.
      • Pull up to the stop line and stop on red.
      • Wait for the green light.
      • Be alert and recognize any changes that occur.