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Ohio Driver's License Practice Test 5

Learn how to pass your Driver's License Test the first time! Try our FREE OH Driver's License Practice Test and get familiar with the types of driving questions found on the real DMV test, taken straight from the Ohio manual.
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Ohio Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Description

An Ohio motorcycle permit is needed for anyone wanting to drive a motorcycle will need. Our motorcycle permit practice test will help you pass the necessary exams for obtaining this permit.

How to Easily Pass the Motorcycle Permit Test

When in Ohio, anyone that is considering earning their drivers license must first apply for and obtain an Ohio motorcycle permit. There are three driving aptitude exams that everyone must take before they are provided with a permit. These include a written one that tests drivers on motorcycle driving rules and traffic signs, a vision exam that ensures a person has good enough vision to drive and an on-cycle exam that puts a drivers skills to use on the road itself. It's important that you study and practice as often as possible before test day arrives to have the best chance to pass these tests on the first attempt. The motorcycle permit practice test has been designed to emulate every aspect of the driving rules portion of the written exam, to allow you a closer look at what you'll face come test day.

One of the primary advantages in taking the multiple-choice practice test is that you will gain the knowledge of the exact testing conditions, including question format and subject material. You should be aware that the questions are not the same on both tests and will vary on subsequent tests. You won't be able to use the practice quiz as a form of memorization for the motorcycle permit test. Taking the practice quiz a few times will prepare you for the types of questions you will see on the actual test.

This practice test gives you 12 different questions to complete, and you will need to answer at least 80 percent of the questions correctly if you want to pass. The quiz is based on Ohio driving rules, such as steps to take when passing another vehicle and how to protect yourself from injury in the event of a crash. The Ohio Motorcycle Operator Manual provides you with all of the info on such rules. the road signs and signals practice test can also assist you in passing your exams.