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Ohio Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 3

Take our FREE OH Motorcycle Practice Test today and be fully prepared when you take your BMV Motorcycle Test. Learn what kind of questions to expect, and get your test score right away in addition to detailed explanations.
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Ohio Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

Don’t waste time poring over handbooks and notes—instead, get ready for your upcoming Ohio motorcycle permit test by using the most efficient study methods available. Our free online Ohio motorcycle practice test combines proven study materials with accurate, up-to-date information pulled directly from Ohio’s latest motorcycle laws and regulations. You’ll learn quickly, remember more easily, and be ready to ace your permit test on the first try.

Our free OH motorcycle practice test quizzes you using real sample questions that you can expect to see on your BMV motorcycle exam, like using hand signals, maneuvering around large vehicles, and more. You’ll get 25 state-specific, multiple-choice questions that give you a chance to prepare for the format and experience of your real BMV motorcycle test. Each answer offers a detailed explanation with context from the OH law or regulation it stems from. You can also see how you’re doing instantly with real-time feedback through your test. Answering 20 questions correctly means you’ve passed, and you’ll get a review at the end so you can see any questions you’ve missed. When you take this test multiple times, you’ll be able to see how well you’re improving and know when you’re ready to schedule your permit test with the BMV!

Ohio Motorcycle Permit Practice Test FAQs:

What questions are on the Ohio motorcycle permit test?

The Ohio motorcycle permit exam will cover everything from the required safety equipment you must wear while riding to the rules to sharing a road with other vehicles. Make sure you know Ohio’s speed limits, traffic signs and signals, pavement markings, and more.

Does this practice test include the same questions I’ll see on the BMV permit test?

Each question on our Ohio motorcycle permit practice test derives from the actual BMV motorcycle handbook. The information you’re studying is specific to Ohio traffic regulations, and even more specifically to motorcycle riders, which means the questions on your practice test are the same as what you can expect to see on your real permit exam.

How do I earn my Ohio motorcycle license?

To earn your Ohio motorcycle license, you must be at least 16 years old—once you’re 15 years old, you can apply for a temporary instruction permit by passing a written knowledge exam. All Ohio motorcyclists must first carry this permit, regardless of age, before taking the on-cycle skills test to earn their full OH motorcycle endorsement.

If you’re under 18 years old, you must also first complete a state-approved motorcycle basic rider safety course. For applicants 18 or older, the basic rider course is optional, but it does allow you to waive the motorcycle skills exam with the BMV.

Ohio BMV Sample Test Questions

A minimum of how many seconds in distance should be kept behind the vehicle ahead?
  • 2
  • 5
  • 4
  • 8
  • 3
After you have used your signal and finished your turn, you should what?
  • Turn off the signal, so that a driver doesn't think you are about to turn again and pull directly into your path.
  • Leave it on for a while, in case you decide to turn again in a little bit.
  • Leave it on for a block, in case you need to switch lanes or turn unexpectedly.
  • None of the listed answers.
As a beginning rider, which of the following should you not do?
  • Read the owner's manual.
  • Be familiar with the controls.
  • Check the bike before each ride.
  • Get every add-on possible.
Crashes involving riders occur because the rider ______.
  • Rode too quickly.
  • Rode too closely to other vehicles.
  • All of the listed answers.
  • Avoided paying attention to blind spots.
  • Did not separate braking from swerving or did not swerve at the correct time.
If you are riding alongside other motorcyclists and you are entering a freeway, you should all travel in _______.
  • A single file.
  • A staggered formation.
  • However you feel like.
  • Groups of three.