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Oregon Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2

Are you ready for your DMV Motorcycle Test? Find out NOW by taking our FREE OR Motorcycle Practice Test online. We offer 25 original, multiple choice questions formed directly from the information in your own Oregon manual.
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Oregon Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Description

To obtain an Oregon Motorcycle permit, you must pass the motorcycle operation knowledge test. You can begin preparing for the exam by completing practice tests online that include questions and immediate feedback to your answers.

Taking the Motorcycle Permit Test

Your Oregon motorcycle permit will allow you to drive a motorcycle or moped with certain restrictions included. The Oregon motorcycle permit practice test is similar to the required knowledge test that you will take at the DMV office. The multiple-choice questions include everyday circumstances that motorcycle drivers are likely to encounter while traveling, and you must choose the correct responses that are appropriate for each type of scenario. With motorcycle practice tests, the correct answer will appear after you finish each question in addition to detailed explanations. This gives you an opportunity to get a better understanding of the specific reasons behind each correct response and memorize the information. By working through a series of sample tests, you can improve your chances of getting a passing score upon completing the actual motorcycle permit test. You will also be tested on the laws associated with operating this type of vehicle, including what's allowed for drivers and passengers. There are several different practice tests that you may complete as many times as you like. The tests are designed to help you increase your knowledge and learning capabilities regarding the rules for obtaining a permit.

On test day at the DMV, you will take a closed-book exam using a touch-screen computer to demonstrate your knowledge of Oregon laws and acceptable driving procedures. You must apply these rules every time you operate a motorcycle because the rules help to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

Each time you complete a motorcycle permit practice test, you are one step closer to passing the real test. While studying for the exam, you can always refer to your Oregon DMV Motorcycle Handbook Manual to improve your understanding and confidence. When you feel you have a good grasp of the material, click here to start your first sample permit practice test.

Oregon DMV Sample Test Questions

After January 1,2015, you are required to take a TEAM OREGON course if you are under the age of ______.
  • 61
  • 65
  • 55
  • 60
  • None of the listed answers.
At a blind intersection, you should position where?
  • In the left position.
  • In the right position.
  • In the center position.
  • Which ever position allows you to see and be seen as much as possible.
Crashes happen often within ________ of beginning to ride.
  • Months.
  • 3 months.
  • Years.
  • 18 months.
If you are approached by a dog, which of the following should you not do?
  • Kick at the dog.
  • Downshift as you approach.
  • Accelerate away leaving it behind.
  • No listed answer is correct.
If you are riding on a motorcycle and need to cross pavement seams, you should cross at least a _____ degree angle.
  • 15
  • 30
  • 45
  • 90