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Oregon Permit Practice Test 3

Are you prepared for your DMV Permit Test? Take our FREE OR Permit Practice Test right now and find out how much you know! Our test offers 25 comprehensive Permit questions, and shows your test results right away.
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Teens and the Oregon Driving Permit Test

Getting behind the wheel is a milestone in a teenager's life, but it requires taking a DMV permit test. Practicing for the test is similar to studying for finals, giving you a better chance at passing the first time.

Experience with Our OR Permit Practice Test Pays Off

Although you've taken numerous tests in school, applying for your Oregon teen permit could still make you nervous. The test itself isn't hard, but inexperience can overwhelm even the smartest applicant. Practicing with similar tests gives you a chance to see the questions and their possible wording. Getting familiar with the subject matter is also crucial. Consider taking several practice tests online before entering the DMV. Some of the practice questions may be close to the ones you'll see for the official exam. You can use the practice tests as study guides to secure your permit.

The rules of the road aren't complex ideas, but it's a lot of information for brand-new drivers. Our practice tests go over the basics of the official exam, including road sign information, turning laws and speed limit information. Go over this practice test to understand everything about road signs. You'll also be quizzed on your provisional license restrictions. An adult over 21 years of age sitting next to you is necessary and could easily be a test topic for applicants between 15 and 17 years old. Our practice quizzes also get you ready for the hands-on test further down the road. Applying your textbook knowledge to actual driving gives you an advantage for the final license test.

Before test day arrives, you should take more practice quizzes to see as many question types as possible. The DMV offers multiple-choice questions, making it critical to understand how to answer these questions. You only need an 80 percent grade or higher to receive the provisional license. Go through each question and throw out answers that are obviously wrong. You'll find the selections are drastically smaller in number when you apply logic to the test. The only way to excel at test-taking is practice, so feel free to take as many practice quizzes as necessary to stay comfortable with the format and subject matter of the Oregon DMV permit test.

Oregon DMV Sample Test Questions

A red colored sign signifies what type of sign?
  • Work zone.
  • Prohibitive regulatory.
  • Road work.
  • Guidance.
A school speed zone is a section of street or road where a reduced speed of ____ applies.
  • 50 mph.
  • 20 mph.
  • 40 mph.
  • 100 mph.
According to Oregon law, a driver needs to have his car's headlights turned on from sunset to sunrise. His car's headlights must also be turned on at any time conditions make it difficult for the driver to see pedestrians or vehicles _______ ahead.
  • 1,000 feet ahead.
  • 1,500 feet ahead.
  • 2,000 feet ahead.
  • 2,500 feet ahead.
  • None of the answers listed.
Drivers should stay at least _____ feet back from an emergency vehicle that has flashing lights.
  • 100 feet
  • 200 feet
  • 300 feet
  • 400 feet
  • 500 feet
How should you treat a traffic signal that is not displaying anything (if the power is out, for example)?
  • As a stop sign in all directions.
  • As a stop sign for the cross street that is least busy.
  • Ignore it.
  • As a flashing yellow light.
  • Stop and wait for a police officer to direct traffic.