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Pennsylvania Driver's License Practice Test 4

Find out how prepared you really are for the PennDOT Driver's License Test. Take our PA Driver's License Practice Test for FREE, then see how well you scored. Get detailed answers and helpful information instantly online.
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Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

To operate a motorcycle, it's necessary to obtain a Pennsylvania motorcycle permit, which can only be acquired after passing a few tests. Take the motorcycle permit practice test to pass easily.

How to Easily Pass the Motorcycle Permit Test

Being able to rev your engine and drive anywhere the wind takes you is a freedom that can only be realized once you've received your motorcycle drivers license. Before you can do this, you must earn and hold a Pennsylvania motorcycle permit for a few months. Like any license, there are several forms of testing that you will be presented with, namely a written exam and a driving skills one. While these exams might make you anxious, you will find that you are more than ready to pass these tests with the right amount of studying and test practice. The written exam is one that highlights Pennsylvania driving regulations, which is also what the motorcycle permit practice test will be focusing its content on. In fact, the practice test was designed to emulate the written exam that you will have to pass to give you a stronger understanding of what you will face.

Even though the practice quiz is exceedingly similar to the motorcycle permit test in both question format (multiple-choice) and style, the questions on both are only ever similar to one another. They are not the same ones as you will see on the written exam because they are all random. This means that you will have to rely on what you've studied to help pass the test. While you might view this as a disadvantage, you will actually notice your score rising on the practice test each time you take it, as you will become accustomed to the questions at hand.

As you are about to take the practice test, you should be aware of the fact that it consists of 12 different questions, such as how to safely ride your motorcycle during rainy weather and how passengers should react when accompanying you on the motorcycle. All of these driving regulations can be found within the Pennsylvania motorcycle operator manual. In order to pass, your final scoring rate must be 80 percent or greater. Our road signs and signals practice test will also provide you with preparation for the remainder of your exams.

Pennsylvania PENNDOT Sample Test Questions

A flashing red light means:
  • Stop and wait until the intersection is clear, then proceed.
  • Proceed straight through the intersection with caution.
  • Stop until the light changes to flashing green.
  • Stop and wait for an emergency vehicle to pass.
Aggressive driving accounts for about:
  • 60% of highway deaths in Pennsylvania each year.
  • 30% of highway deaths in Pennsylvania each year.
  • 40% of highway deaths in Pennsylvania each year.
  • 50% of highway deaths in Pennsylvania each year.
All of the following are minimum penalties for underage drinking except
  • A 3-month youth alcohol training program.
  • A fine up to $500 plus court costs.
  • A 90-day suspension for the first offense.
  • A two-year suspension for the third and subsequent offenses.
Being awake for 24 hours in a row impairs your driving as much as having a blood alcohol level of:
  • .10 percent.
  • .2 percent.
  • .25 percent.
  • .18 percent.
Drugs other than alcohol are involved in:
  • 20% of deaths among motorists each year.
  • 50% of deaths among motorists each year.
  • 10% of deaths among motorists each year.
  • 35% of deaths among motorists each year.