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Virginia Permit Practice Test 3

Are you prepared for your DMV Permit Test? Take our FREE VA Permit Practice Test right now and find out how much you know! Our test offers 25 comprehensive Permit questions, and shows your test results right away.
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Virginia Permit Practice Test

Ready to start practicing your driving skills on Virginia’s beautiful roads? Study with our FREE Virginia permit practice test, and you’ll have the best chance of passing your VA permit exam on the first attempt. Quiz yourself using real sample questions and answers straight from the VA DMV driver’s manual, and benefit from the most efficient testing materials that will help you learn faster, so you can earn your permit quickly and start driving.

Our online Virginia permit practice test includes 25 multiple-choice questions on Virginia's traffic laws and safety regulations. We regularly review our questions to ensure you’re studying the most accurate and up-to-date materials available. You’ll benefit from instant feedback as you go, with detailed answers and a full review at the end of your test that shows exactly which questions you got right and which ones require a bit more brushing up. That allows you to take a more targeted approach before you come back and retake our quiz to track your improvement. It’s free and available 24/7 until you’re ready to tackle your VA permit exam!

Virginia Permit Practice Test FAQs:

How accurate are the questions on this Virginia practice test?

Our VA practice test questions are created using the most up-to-date Virginia driver’s manual, the exact same source that the VA DMV uses to write your driver’s license knowledge test. We make sure that we’re including only the latest information available to Virginia drivers, and we review our tests regularly to update them when new laws are passed.

What’s the difference between a permit test and a driver’s license test in Virginia?

A permit test in Virginia refers to the written knowledge exam that you take before you’re eligible for a road test; however, many people refer to this exam as a driver’s license test. The actual driver’s license exam is the behind-the-wheel road test that you take after you’ve practiced driving with your permit.

How do I earn my Virginia driver’s license?

To earn your VA driver’s license, you must be at least 16 years old. All drivers, regardless of age, must also first acquire a learner’s permit and hold it for a specific period of time—for adults 18 and older, at least 60 days, and for teens under 18 years old, at least 9 months. Alternatively for adult applicants, you can complete a state-approved driver’s education course while holding your permit to be able to take your road test as soon as your course is finished.

Virginia teens must also accumulate 45 hours of supervised driving practice and complete a state-approved driver education course before taking the road test.

Virginia DMV Sample Test Questions

A motorcycle learner's permit allows you to operate a motorcycle after ___ and before midnight.
  • 2:00 AM
  • 4:00 AM
  • 3:00 AM
  • 1:00 AM
After you move, how soon must you change your address with the DMV?
  • 10 days.
  • 30 days.
  • 60 days.
  • 90 days.
  • 120 days.
How many feet ahead should you signal your intention to turn in Virginia?
  • 100 feet
  • 200 feet
  • 250 feet
  • 500 feet
  • 1,000 feet
How many feet before a turn should you turn on your turn signal?
  • 25 feet
  • 50 feet
  • 75 feet
  • 100 feet
  • 150 feet
How old must you be to become an organ/tissue donor?
  • At least 21 years old.
  • At least 45 years old.
  • At least 18 years old.
  • There is no age requirement. If you are over 18, you can apply and if you are under 18, you must obtain your legal guardian's written consent.