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West Virginia Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

Earn your Motorcycle License with ease! Our FREE WV Motorcycle Practice Test offers realistic questions designed to help you be completely prepared, and pass the West Virginia DMV test with ease.
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West Virginia Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Description

Before getting a West Virginia motorcycle permit, you need to pass a few important tests. Increase your chances for success on test day by taking several of our practice tests to prepare.

The Benefits of Taking Our Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

One of the benefits of taking a motorcycle permit practice test is that it gives you the opportunity to see the type of material that is on the real exam. This knowledge helps you to focus your study as you read through the West Virginia Motorcycle Manual. Plus, the results of each practice test help you to determine where you need to review. Perhaps you need to review the safety guidelines for motorcyclists or maybe you should go over the meaning of various road signs. Practice tests can be valuable tools that can help you to make your study time more efficient.

Another benefit of taking practice tests is that you can work on taking the test in a timely way. For instance, you can practice getting into the habit of considering all of the answer options in each of the questions before selecting just one. Not surprisingly, choosing an answer option too quickly may cause you to overlook the correct option. Also, you can work on answering questions that are organized in a random way. Thinking of each practice test as the real exam helps you to establish your timing before taking the actual motorcycle permit test.

Completing practice tests can benefit you if you deal with test anxiety or you have extreme nervousness before taking any type of test. If you become nervous before a test, taking lots of practice tests can help to put you more at ease with the material on the exam as well as its format. You know what to expect, so you're not as nervous about your performance when test day arrives. You understand that there will be 25 multiple-choice questions on the test and that you need to score an 80 percent or higher in order to pass. Studying and practicing for the exam allows you to replace your feelings of anxiety with confidence.

West Virginia DMV Sample Test Questions

Alcohol begins to affect the drinker when?
  • Within minutes of being consumed.
  • Within a half hour of being consumed.
  • Within an hour of being consumed.
  • It depends on the individual.
At a blind intersection, you should position where?
  • In the left position.
  • In the right position.
  • In the center position.
  • Which ever position allows you to see and be seen as much as possible.
Engine seizures are typically caused by what?
  • Lack of oil.
  • Riding too far.
  • Going too fast.
  • All listed answers.
How should one ride over a grating?
  • In a relaxed straight line.
  • In a zigzag.
  • At an angle.
  • As fast as possible.
Keeping distance provides which of the following?
  • A cushion of space.
  • Room to maneuver.
  • Time to react.
  • All listed answers.