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Frequently Asked Questions - After You Have Passed The CT Driving Exam (Or Road Test)

New drivers and inexperienced drivers (especially teens) have a higher risk of being in an accident, insurance companies often charge more to cover them.
In CT, you need to carry liability insurance that is worth at least $20,000 for bodily injury of one person.
To get started, all you'll need is a driver's license and a vehicle. Other documents that are necessary vary depending on what insurance company you choose to use.
The price varies depending on your age, your driving history, your car class and other factors.
After you have passed your CT Driving Exam, you will receive your CT Driver's License.
If you are under 18, during the first 6 months after receiving your license, you will only be allowed to drive with your parents, your driving instructor, or a licensed driver who is 20 years old or older. After this initial six month period, you will be able to drive with members of your immediate family. Additionally, throughout this year, you will not be able to drive between 12 AM and 5 AM.
No. There are restrictions on your license if you are older than 18.