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Frequently Asked Questions - Preparing For Your GA Driving Exam (Or Road Test)

Yes. You must supply your own vehicle. The vehicle must be registered, insurance and in good working condition.
You are able to schedule your GA Driving Exam at least 90 days in advance.
You can schedule your Driving Exam by calling this number (618)-413-8400 or by visiting this website:
You should bring your Learner's Permit, a registered and insured vehicle that is in good working condition and a licensed driver who is 21 years old or older.
Try to relax. Don't try to learn a number of new techniques. If you have practiced thoroughly and consistently over the past year, you should do fine.
You can take your GA Driving Exam at your local DDS office. You can find a list of available locations near you by visiting this website:
Yes. The DDS office allows walk-ins, but they encourage that you make an appointment. Generally, walk-ins have to wait longer because those with appointments are prioritized first.
It's very important on your GA Driving Exam that you are able to demonstrate to your examiner that you know how to drive safely and efficiently. You should feel confident making smooth right and left turns, accelerating smoothly and gradually, backing up safely and coming to complete stops at signs and traffic signals.
You can practice driving anywhere in the state of Georgia as long as a licensed driver who is 21 years old or older is sitting in the passenger seat next to you.
You should expect to demonstrate your examiner that you know how to drive safely and effectively. You will most likely be asked to perform the following procedures: changing lanes, yielding to the right-of-way, making turns and going through turn-about.