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Georgia Permit Practice Test

Pass the Georgia DDS Permit Test on your very first try! Take our FREE Permit Practice Test for the ultimate test preparation. Our Practice Test has 25 multiple choice questions, real scenarios, and gives immediate feedback.
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Georgia Permit Practice Test

The open roads of the Peach State are awaiting you—and our free online Georgia practice test is ready to get you there! Give yourself the best chance of passing your Georgia DDS permit test on the first try by studying with the latest educational tools designed to help you study quickly and efficiently at your own pace. Our free online GA permit practice test has been written specifically for Georgia drivers, with state-specific sample questions and answers directly from the DDS source material that the agency uses to create your actual permit exam—and we regularly review them to ensure they’re accurate and up-to-date.

This permit practice test features 25 multiple-choice questions with the same structure as the actual DDS permit test (so you can practice both angles at once). Each answer offers instant feedback and a detailed explanation directing you to where you can find more info on any given topic. Answer at least 20 questions correctly to pass—miss any, and you’ll see them flagged at the end of your quiz, so you know where you need more practice. Come back and take this test over and over again as you continue to study—that way, you can track your improvement until you feel totally prepared to crush your GA permit test!

Georgia Permit Practice Test FAQs:

What questions are on the Georgia permit knowledge test?

The Georgia DDS written knowledge exam includes questions based on topics pulled out of the GA driver’s handbook. Topics for testing include Georgia speed limits, right-of-way rules, driving safety measures, emergency procedures, and more.

How accurate is this GA practice test?

Our free Georgia permit practice test pulls information directly from the most recent version of the GA driver’s handbook, which is updated annually with the latest laws and regulations. The info we give you to study is the exact same info the DDS uses to create your permit exam.

How do I earn my Georgia driver’s license?

To earn your Georgia driver’s license, you must be at least 16 years old. All drivers under 18 years old must first complete a driver education program in accordance with Joshua’s Law, as well as an alcohol awareness course. You must first acquire a learner’s permit and hold it for at least 1 year and 1 day before you can take the road test for your provisional license. During your permit phase, you must complete 40 hours of supervised driving practice.

If you’re 18 years old or older, but you’ve never been licensed before, you have the option of either taking both the knowledge test and behind-the-wheel test on the same day for your Class C license or acquiring a learner’s permit first so you can practice driving before the road test. You won’t have any required holding periods for the permit.

Georgia DDS Sample Test Questions

A flashing arrow on a stationary work vehicle indicates:
  • The direction the vehicle will be turning in.
  • The direction that cars should merge to go around it.
  • That the road is closed ahead, and indicating the direction of the detour.
  • The direction of the nearest exit.
An example of an overhead lane sign is:
  • A left turn only sign.
  • A right turn only sign.
  • A straight or left turn only sign.
  • All of the listed answers are correct.
An example of text on a guide sign might be:
  • Exit 42.
  • Reduced Speed Ahead.
  • No Stopping Or Standing.
  • Road Construction 5 Miles.
  • No Left Turn.
It is illegal to:
  • Use a blinker when making a turn.
  • Ride in a mobile trailer while the car is driving.
  • Pass another car on a single solid yellow line road.
  • All of these actions are illegal.
Lane control signals are located:
  • At most stop lights.
  • On roadways with reversible lanes.
  • On roadways with merging traffic.
  • On expressways.
  • At tollbooths.