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Georgia Permit Practice Test

Pass the Georgia DDS Permit Test on your very first try! Take our FREE Permit Practice Test for the ultimate test preparation. Our Practice Test has 25 multiple choice questions, real scenarios, and gives immediate feedback.
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Practice Tests for the Georgia Teen Permit

Before getting your Georgia driving permit, you need to pass the written DDS permit test. Practice tests can help you prepare for success in getting your teen permit.

After Studying, Practice Makes Perfect

Teens need to learn a lot about the rules of the road and driving safety before they get behind the wheel of any motorized vehicle. Review Georgia?s DDS driver's manual and prepare for the state permit test. The DDS permit test consists of two parts. One tests your knowledge of the rules of the road. The other is the Road Signs Test. Once you have reviewed the information in the driver's manual, use the teen permit practice test to assess how well you have learned and retained the information. If you miss questions on these practice tests, you can review the correct answers and study the topics on which you need to learn more. Then try the practice test again free of charge.

This practice test is a bargain compared to the Georgia driving permit test. Although you can take the official test as often as necessary, there is a fee assessed each time you take it. By taking this practice test and then reviewing the test information, you can make sure you are properly prepared for the official DDS permit test.

Many teens suffer from test anxiety when taking any sort of an exam. Teens who take this practice test prior to tackling the actual exam will feel less anxious. They will know what types of questions to expect and have a well-rounded knowledge about the material. Although the GA permit practice test will have some different questions than the official Georgia driving permit test, the basic format and overall information covered will be similar.


A flashing arrow on a stationary work vehicle indicates:
  • The direction the vehicle will be turning in.
  • The direction that cars should merge to go around it.
  • That the road is closed ahead, and indicating the direction of the detour.
  • The direction of the nearest exit.
An example of an overhead lane sign is:
  • A left turn only sign.
  • A right turn only sign.
  • A straight or left turn only sign.
  • All of the listed answers are correct.
An example of text on a guide sign might be:
  • Exit 42.
  • Reduced Speed Ahead.
  • No Stopping Or Standing.
  • Road Construction 5 Miles.
  • No Left Turn.
It is illegal to:
  • Use a blinker when making a turn.
  • Ride in a mobile trailer while the car is driving.
  • Pass another car on a single solid yellow line road.
  • All of these actions are illegal.
Lane control signals are located:
  • At most stop lights.
  • On roadways with reversible lanes.
  • On roadways with merging traffic.
  • On expressways.
  • At tollbooths.