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Frequently Asked Questions - Preparing For Your GA Permit Test

The GA Permit Test is divided into two sections. Each section consists of 20 questions. You need to answer correctly 15 questions from each section, meaning that you can only get 5 wrong in each section. If you fail one section and pass the other, the GA DDS will only require that you retake the section you failed.
You will take your GA Permit Test at your local DDS office. You can find a list of available locations near you by visiting this website:
Don't cram the night before your exam. Instead, you should review the notes and information you have already studied. If you've done a thorough job studying the night before should be a quiet review session. It's also a good idea to take a few practice questions on our website. Get a good night's rest as well.
Georgia doesn't provide exact statistics for how many people pass or fail their GA Permit Test. This is why you should focus on reading the entire manual and studying thoroughly and consistently to give yourself the best chance of passing your GA Permit Test on the first try.
If you feel ready to take your GA Permit Test, you should visit your local DDS office, where you will be able to take your GA Permit Test. You should bring with you proof of your identity, two proofs of residency, your Social Security Number, a document proving your lawful presence in the United States and a $10 permit fee. Applicants under 18 also need to bring a Certificate of School Attendance.
The questions on the GA Permit Test will test your knowledge on the basic rules of the road and GA traffic laws. These questions can come from any section in the manual. An example question is "The maximum speed limit for driving in a school zone is _____?"
Reading the GA Driver's Manual gives you the best chance of passing successfully the GA Permit Test.
Yes. Teen drivers are required by law to attend and complete a Driver's Education course before obtaining their license. You will also need 40 hours of behind the wheel training?
You can find a copy of GA Driver's Manual at any local DDS office. The book is free. You can also download the GA Driver's Manual by visiting this website:
We recommend you read the entire GA Driver's Manual. This gives you the best chance of passing your GA Permit Test.