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Frequently Asked Questions - Taking Your GA Driving Exam

Yes. You should whichever corrective lens you wear regularly and what you wore on your Vision Exam.
Only you and your examiner are allowed in the vehicle during your GA Driving Exam?
Yes. You will have to parallel park on your GA Driving Exam.
If you fail, you will be able to retake your GA Driving Exam. The waiting time in between your retakes increases depending on how many times you have failed before. If you have failed the test once, you will be able to take retake the test as soon as the next day. If you fail a second time, you have to wait 7 days. If you fail a third time, you have to wait 30 days. Don't rush retaking your exam if you have failed. Pay attention to what you did wrong on your GA Driving Exam and spend significant time improving your driving skills before you retake the test.
You should avoid causing an accident, refusing to listen to the examiner, tailgating other vehicles, cutting in front of other cars abruptly and other bad driving habits that endanger yourself, your examiner or other drivers.
Yes. A licensed driver who is 21 years old or older must accompany you to your GA Driving Exam.
The best tip we can offer is practice. Before your GA Driving Exam, you should practice driving regularly. Here are a few maneuvers you should feel comfortable performing before your GA Driving Exam: maintaining proper posture, keeping both hands on the wheel, accelerating smoothly and gradually, checking your mirror frequently, signaling appropriately and effectively and much more.