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Frequently Asked Questions - What If You're Moving To Georgia (Or Just Visiting)

No. You do not have to pass the GA road test as long as you possess a valid out-of-state driver's license. You will need to make an appointment a local DDS office to replace your previous driver's license with a Georgia license.
Yes. GA will recognize valid out-of-state permits. However, you must remember to follow the traffic laws and regulations of your home state and the laws of Georgia.
If you are a Georgia resident, you have to replace your previous license with a Georgia license within 30 days of your move. If you do not plan to become a resident of Georgia, then you may drive with your out-of-state license for as long as it is valid.
Typically, you are allowed to drive up to one year in Georgia with a valid out-of-country license. You don't need to apply for a GA license unless you plan to become a resident. If you do plan on becoming a resident, then you need to be at least 18 years old to apply for a GA license. You will need to pass the GA Knowledge Test, The Driving Exam and a Vision Test. You will need to prove proof of your residency and lawful presence in the United States. You can find more information about this process by visiting this website: Category