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What documents do I need to go to the DMV?

The Georgia DDS requires new residents who are applying for a learner’s permit or driver’s license to show an acceptable form of identification. This must include full name and date of birth. The following documents must be an original or certified copy:

Proof of Identification—U.S. Citizens
• United States birth certificate issued by the Office of Vital Statistics (birth certificates issued by the hospital are not acceptable)
• Certificate of birth registration
• Certified naturalization documents
• Immigration identification card issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
• Valid United States passport
• Military identification card issued by the United States armed forces (must provide additional proof of U.S. citizenship)

Name Change Documents
If your name has changed and is different from the one that is on your birth certificate or passport, you must submit the following certified documents:

• Marriage license, certificate or application (same-sex marriage certificates will not be accepted)
• Divorce decree if the name change was specified on the decree (cannot act as substitute for marriage documents.)
• Court order of legal adoption
• Court order for legal name change

Proof of Identification—Non-U.S. Citizens (Must provide original immigration documents)
• Valid foreign passport with I-94 or I-551 stamp
• Permanent Resident Alien Card (I-551)
• Employment Authorization Card (I-766)
• Re-Entry Permit (I-327)
• I-94 (without passport) for Refugees or Asylees or Refugee Travel Document (I-571)
• I-94 with valid foreign passport and I-20 or DS-2019 for F-1, F-2, J-1 or J-2 status
• Valid foreign passport with Visa I-94 Waiver stamp

Proof of Social Security Number
• Provide Social Security number for on-line verification with the Social Security records system
• Non-citizens may submit a Social Security Denial Letter (Form SSA L676) in lieu of Social Security number

Proof of Georgia Residency
• Utility bill issued within the last 60 days
• Bank statement issued within the last 60 days
• Current valid rental contract and/or receipt for rental payments made within the last 60 days
• Paycheck, paystub, W-2 form (current or preceding calendar year) or letter from employer
• Valid Georgia driver’s license, learner’s permit or identification card issued to child, parent, legal guardian or spouse (identification holder must be present)
• Health insurance statements
• Federal income tax or Georgia State tax return (current or preceding calendar year)
• Medicaid or Medicare statement
• School transcript or record (current or preceding calendar year)
• Social Security statement (current or preceding calendar year)
• Mortgage payment coupon, deed or property tax bill (current or preceding calendar year)

Applicants Under 18 Years of Age
• Submit proof of completion for educational course on drugs and alcohol taught by an instructor authorized by the Georgia DDS
• Submit a Certificate of Attendance (DS-1) as proof of school enrollment (dated within 30 days), GED or high school diploma