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When can I get my driver’s license?

The Georgia DDS has the following age requirements to obtain an instructional permit or driver’s license:

• Age 15 for a Class CP instructional permit
• Age 16 for a Class MP instructional permit
• Age 16 for a Class D provisional license
• Age 17 for a Class M license
• Age 17 for a Class A, B and C license

Applicants under 18 who have never been issued a license in another jurisdiction will not be eligible for a Class C or Class D license unless they have:

• Held an instructional permit for at least one year and one day
• Applicants who are 16 must complete an approved driver education course in a public driver training or licensed private school
• Completed 40 hours of supervised driving and at least 6 hours at night

The parent or legal guardian of applicants under 18 must sign a verification form that the supervised driving requirements have been met.