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Hawaii Driver's License Practice Test 2

Take our FREE HI Driver's License Practice Test now! It's an online quiz with 25 unique questions, in-depth explanations, and instant test results. Be totally prepared for the Hawaii DMV Driver's License test in no time!
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Hawaii Drivers License Practice Test Description

Before you can receive your Hawaii drivers license for the first time, you will need to take a number of tests, including a written test and an on-road test. The best way to pass the written portion of your Hawaii drivers license test is by taking our HI DMV practice test multiple times. Our DMV practice test will make sure that you understand everything necessary to be a safe driver.

How Our Practice HI DMV Practice Test Prepares You

Having a driving license is one of the first marks of independence and adulthood that many achieve. In order to earn your driver's license, you will need to pass a written test and an on-road driving test. The written test is not hard, but it can be tricky if you do not study beforehand. Taking our practice DMV test will prepare you for the types of questions found on the actual exam.

Our practice test focuses on the driving rules portion of the written test. The practice test will quiz you on topics such as what happens during a collision, when to stop at crosswalks for pedestrians, proper lane positioning and other safe driving rules and techniques. Because it is imperative that you understand these rules when you start driving, our practice test and the actual Hawaii drivers license test will ensure you have this knowledge.

When you are at the testing center, you will feel confident as you start on the written test because of the preparation you have done with our practice tests. In order for you to pass, you must correctly answer at least 24 out of the 30 questions, a score of 80 percent, to pass. You should take all the practice tests we offer in order to see all possible questions for the exam. If you wish to study further, you can also find the information you need in the Hawaii DMV Driver's Manual. If you wish to practice recognizing road signs, you can take our Road Signs and Signals Practice Test.

Hawaii DMV Sample Test Questions

A motorcyclist needs to position himself in the lane ______.
  • To make sure he can accelerate whenever he feels like it.
  • To make sure he can weave through traffic easily.
  • To make sure he can see and be seen by other drivers.
  • That makes the ride the most fun.
As a driver, you must obey ______ when operating a vehicle upon a street or highway in Hawaii.
  • Only the laws you like.
  • All traffic laws.
  • The traffic laws as long as they don't inconvenience you.
  • The laws of man.
As the registered owner of a motor vehicle, how many days do you have to notify the appropriate county agency of your change of address?
  • 30 days.
  • 2 months.
  • A year.
  • You don't have to notify anyone.
  • 2 weeks.
Driving with more than _____ persons in the front seat of your vehicle may constitute interference with the driver.
  • One.
  • Two.
  • Three.
  • It doesn't matter how many passengers are in the front seat. It does not constitute as interference with the driver.
Stopping unnecessarily in a traffic lane is _______.
  • Dangerous.
  • Impolite.
  • Inconsiderate.
  • Illegal.
  • All of the listed answers.