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Illinois Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

Earn your Motorcycle License with ease! Our FREE IL Motorcycle Practice Test offers realistic questions designed to help you be completely prepared, and pass the Illinois SOS test with ease.
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Before you head to the SOS in your state, read our Illinois drivers license practice test description. This practice test will help you to better plan for the real test.

Do You Feel Ready for the Illinois Drivers License Test?

The state of Illinois requires that drivers in the state have a license. If you recently moved to Illinois, you need to provide the state with your current address and apply for a new license. Even though you might still have a license from your former state, you can receive a ticket if you're caught driving in Illinois with your old, out-of-state license. Thanks to our IL SOS practice test, you can breeze through the test and get your Illinois drivers license faster than you thought possible.

What is on the SOS Practice Test?

Our SOS practice test follows the format of the traditional test. The Illinois SOS offers a 35-question long test, and to pass that test, you'll need to answer at least 28 questions correctly. Prior to taking the written test, Illinois requires that you take and pass a vision test. If you wear glasses or contacts, you can take the test while wearing those items. Passing your test is especially important because you only get a certain number of attempts; even if you answer 27 questions correctly, you'll still fail the test. Illinois lets you retake the test the following day, but you only get three tries per year. If you fail the test a total of three times in a 12-month span, you'll need to wait months before you can take it again.

After reading our Illinois drivers license practice test description, go ahead and give the practice test a try. Even if you're an experienced driver, you might still need a refresher course on the laws in Illinois. Our IL SOS practice test pulls questions from the actual test, and you can find those answers in the Illinois Rules of the Road handbook. Some of the questions you might encounter on our SOS practice test include what to do when you see hazards on the road, the meanings behind Illinois road signs and whether you can park in certain areas. Take our simple practice test today.


A motorcycle horn is a good method of quickly getting the attention of someone, but should not be relied upon. What is the reason why a motorcycle horn should not be relied on too heavily?
  • People find the sound of a motorcycle horn humorous.
  • A motorcycle horn is not as loud as other vehicles on the roadways, such as automobiles.
  • A motorcycle operator cannot use the horn as quickly as can an automobile driver.
  • Some motorcycles do not come equipped with horns.
  • All of the answers listed.
Beginner riders should ride ____________.
  • Towards the beginning.
  • In the middle.
  • In the back.
  • Wherever they want.
How should you ride in relation to other vehicles?
  • With vehicles on both sides of you.
  • With both sides of your motorcycle clear.
  • With a vehicle on the right side of you.
  • With a vehicle on the left side of you.
  • It does not matter where other vehicles are located.
If you are in traffic and you need to avoid an animal what should you do?
  • Speed up and swerve out the way.
  • Try and switch to a different lane.
  • Remain in the same lane of traffic.
  • Slow down and try to get over on the shoulder.
If you are running parallel to tracks or road seams what should you do to cross them?
  • You should turn around and go a different route.
  • Take the tracks or seam at a 45 degree angle.
  • Speed up to drive over them smoothly.
  • Step on your brakes just as you pass the tracks or seams.