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Illinois Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 4

Get a sneak peek of the questions you may find on the Illinois Motorcycle Test. Our FREE IL Motorcycle Practice Test has questions just like the ones on the real SOS test. Take out FREE practice test today!
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Illinois Drivers License Practice Test Description

In order to get your Illinois drivers license, you must pass a written drivers exam. Make sure you know the Illinois SOS driving laws before you take your Illinois drivers license test.

How the Illinois Drivers License Practice Test Works

When you have confidence in your knowledge and abilities, you are more likely to pass your drivers license test. The Illinois drivers license practice test and resources available on this site will build your confidence. The written exam includes questions about topics such as braking distance, turning, sharing the road and traffic violations. Be aware of laws and penalties related to driving under the influence. You also need to be familiar with the appropriate steps to take if you are involved in an accident. In addition, you should know about new laws such as the restrictions on cellphone use. Our SOS practice test will help you gain the knowledge you need to pass your drivers test. Not only will you be prepared for your test, but you will also improve your driving skills.

Our practice test is designed to familiarize you with the content as well as the format of the Illinois Drivers License Test. The IL SOS practice test contains 20 multiple-choice questions. You must get a score of at least 80 percent in order to pass. Practice tests are randomized, so you get a new test each time. There is no limit to the number of times you can repeat the practice tests. As you answer each question, you will receive immediate feedback. Our IL SOS practice test provides you with the correct answer and also the page number from the Illinois SOS drivers handbook for additional information on the topic.

The IL SOS practice test is a great way to prepare for your Illinois drivers license test. By taking the SOS practice test, you will be well prepared for test day. Review the drivers license FAQs for additional information.

Illinois SOS Sample Test Questions

A motor-driven cycle with under 150cc displacement may be driven at what age?
  • 15 years.
  • 16 years.
  • 17 years.
  • 18 years.
A person 18 or older who has an instructional permit may operate a motorcycle when?
  • Only during daylight hours.
  • Only after noon everyday.
  • Only on the weekends.
  • Only at night.
  • Only when necessary.
How does riding a motorcycle compare to a car, in terms of fatigue?
  • It is noticeably more tiring to ride a motorcycle.
  • It is noticeably less tiring to ride a motorcycle.
  • The two are about the same in terms of the fatigue they cause.
  • None of the listed answers.
If you need to brake when on slippery surfaces, you should use _______ brake(s).
  • The rear.
  • The front.
  • Both.
  • No.
If your engine locks or freezes that usually means what?
  • You are low on fuel.
  • You are low on power steering fluid.
  • You are low on oil.
  • You are low on windshield fluid.
  • It doesn't mean anything.