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Illinois Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 5

Our FREE IL Motorcycle Practice Test is made up of 25 comprehensive, multiple choice questions.
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Illinois Drivers License Practice Test Description

As you're preparing to obtain your Illinois drivers license, it's important to study the Illinois Rules of the Road Manual. To help you prepare for testing day, take our SOS practice test.

Recommended Tips for Passing Your Illinois Drivers License Test

While you might think that it's difficult to pass the tests you are required to take before receiving your Illinois drivers license, there are a variety of study materials you can use to simplify the entire process. You will be required to take and pass two different types of driving exams. The first is a written exam that focuses on driving rules and the traffic signs that you will notice when driving. The second of these is a driving skills test that is there to ensure you know how to properly employ your driving knowledge when on the road. The IL SOS practice test was designed as a tool to help you pass the driving rules portion of the written exam.

The practice quiz is exceedingly similar to what you will find on the Illinois drivers license test. The questions contained on each test are randomly generated; a different set of questions will appear each time you take the test. However, the SOS practice test does offer notable advantages for those that take it such as increased awareness of the testing atmosphere you will encounter as well as a look at questions that are very similar to the ones on the actual test. You will also find that taking the practice quiz until you feel confident will give you a better chance of passing your final test.

The IL SOS practice test is comprised of 20 various multiple-choice questions, all based on driving rules such as what to do when passing another vehicle or what to do in certain weather conditions. You will need to answer a minimum of 16 questions correctly for a passing rate of 80 percent or higher. Peruse the Illinois Rules of the Road Manual for a look at all of the info you will need to know. It's also recommended that you take our Road Signs and Signals practice test to better your chances of passing the road signs portions of your exam.

Illinois SOS Sample Test Questions

A motor-driven cycle with under 150cc displacement may be driven at what age?
  • 15 years.
  • 16 years.
  • 17 years.
  • 18 years.
How should you approach grooves and gratings?
  • Ride straight over them.
  • Ride over them at an angle.
  • Ride over them in a zig-zag pattern.
  • Do not drive over grooves and gratings.
  • You are safe to drive over grooves and gratings in any patterns.
In motorcycle terms, what is considered a swerve?
  • In motorcycle terms, a swerve is when you brake completely.
  • When you make a sudden change in direction.
  • Swerve is a nickname for really fast riders.
  • All of the listed answers.
It is more difficult to see motorist on a motorcycle due to their small nature, what should you do to aid in other motorists visibility?
  • Use your signal at all times.
  • Honk your horn repeatedly.
  • Rev your engine loudly.
  • Flash your headlight.
  • Play your radio loudly.
Most motorcycle crashes occur with riders who have less than _____ months of experience.
  • 6
  • 5
  • 12
  • 4..